Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Picture Courtesy of FS Film Oy (Finland)


What could be more fun than a scary Christmas movie for Halloween. I suppose I thought from the previews it could be scary, and the Nightmare Before Christmas was so good.

The film’s story for Santa is pretty interesting and I would have to give them credit on that one. Im not sure if this is an actual legend, but I enjoyed the idea. It goes off the idea of Santa punishing naughty children, instead of the wholesome cherry Santa who gives good children gifts.

Despite the creepy “Santa” during the middle of the film, it just goes down hill from there. I was hoping for more scary parts, killings, and just more in general. I’m going to ruin the film for you, because your not going to watch it anyway.

There is no Santa in the movie to begin with. We don’t get to see him. Instead what we see are naked old men with beards who are actually Santa’s helpers. Of course once Santa dies, they are free. And the wholesome little town consisting of a handful of people (the rest are unseen) teach them how to be Santa. They then box them up, and ship them out to different countries, with the words “Rare Exports” on the boxes. I do not recommend seeing this movie, please, save your time!



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