Monster Blood Tattoo: Factotum

Factotum by D.M. Cornish

Finally we come to the third book in this series. After two years of waiting and being left with a cliff hanger. This book can be pretty intimidating. The book itself is over 600 pages long, with another glossary of around 80 pages.

I was a little disappointed when looking for this book. The cover series had changed completely from the first two. I was not even able to find the last two books with the covers I have.

When starting up with this complicated world again, I was able to remember some of the basics, however, there was a few things that had completely slipped my mind. There is also no wikipedia summaries of these books for me to refresh my memory. There are a few terms and words I was unsure of, but remembered the jist of much of it. Then it was time to continue with the cliff hanger that I was left on.

The story continues with many of the same characters, but also adding many along the way. It’s fun to have a few of the sketches placed sporadically throughout, but at times I wish there were more. You can imagine things in different ways, but I like to be able to compare it to what the author had in mind.

Despite the length of this book, I very much enjoyed it. I am still fascinated by Cornish’s ability to create such an in depth world full of monsters and adventures. It is set in a different world, but in the late 1500’s. All of these aspects add to the intrigue of these novels. With the ending of this particular book, I’m wondering if perhaps there may not be a fourth? Thankfully this one did not leave us with too harsh a cliff hanger. At least with this one we can conjecture a happily ever after, and continue the stories in our minds. I may regret saying this now, but perhaps a fourth wouldn’t be such a bad idea?


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