Captain America: The First Avenger

Picture Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Captain America!  Another comic book inspired film.  I personally have never read this comic.  The only reason I know who Captain America is, is from some past childhood memories and some video games.  We won’t beat around the bush, I’m sure the only reason I even considered watching this movie is because of Chris Evans.  Kind of makes you want to sign up for some government experiment and become a beef cake.  Moving on.  

This film is a period movie, set back during the war.  It includes some futuristic features that mix with this, clearly the comic book influence.  It was strange to see this older period with futuristic almost laser beam guns.  I don’t see that as much of a spoiler, probably more confusing, but back to the point.  The film also stars Stanley Tucci.  He plays a main role but isn’t active for much of the movie.  It doesn’t really matter what character this man plays, you know it will be done well.
The Nazi’s are looking for an object that has untold power.  After discovering it’s location and stealing this item, they try to harness its power.  They believe this object will help them win the war, as well as control the world.  In comes super hero to come save the world.
I actually enjoyed this movie for reasons other than the obvious cake.  The ending of this movie, which I won’t discuss as it would be a bit of a spoiler.   For those of you who have seen the movie, you may agree it was a little sad.  It makes me think about a lost engagement and what some characters would be thinking and what happened.  I want to know more of those side stories and I hope I am able to find them out.  With the ending of this movie, it is obvious that there will be a second instalment to the Captain America series.  I hope I get my answers then.  I recommend that you check this movie out.


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