Fast Five

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures


I know I don’t typically watch these kind of movies, but I actually really enjoyed the first one. I will admit I vaguely remember the second one, but I could not even picture the third or fourth. With these movies, knowing the characters from the first movie was enough for me. Sure theres a couple extra, but nothing that makes the movie any more difficult to watch.

I found that this movie was more action and plot based, than focusing on driving. In a way that adds to the movie, especially being on the fifth film, they had to ensure there was some story to it and not just racing.

They did try and keep some of the characters true to the original film. This seemed a little too scripted at times which I did not really care for. Other than that it was a not bad movie. The driving stunts are always cool to watch, as well as seeing all the different vehicles. I can’t say much for the other movies, but I would suggest watching the first one, and skip all the way over to number five. They seem to think they are able to continue their ride, because the ending leaves it open to a possibility of another film….

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