Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures


The fact that it has taken me this long to see this movie is pretty shocking. Normally any well known Disney movie I am on top of and at the theatres for it. Unfortunately, due to timing and life, this one was allowed to fall through the cracks.

I really enjoyed the last three pirates movies. I think the fact that this is the fourth one deterred me a little. Usually when things snowball and the number of films go up, they tend to be less impressive. Sadly, this is a bit of the truth in this case, for a couple of reasons. I was not really impressed to find that Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom would no longer be in the films. They decided to jump ship and move on to their other acting opportunities. Perhaps I could understand Knightly because she does seem to pop up in other movies. Bloom however, has fallen off the face of the earth and into Daddy-dom. A reputable place, but as us common folk would agree, that celebrities should continue to due our bidding whether they want to or not.

I will admit that I enjoyed the idea for this film. It had the historical background to anchor it to reality, but enough Disney magic to make it exciting. I think the fact that during that time, the world was still an open sea to be discovered which adds to the magic of the unknown. It seems now there is nothing left to discover, but more disease and war. This is why I prefer my fictional stories.

I give this movie points for the story, but overall was not wowed as I was before. These movies are quite long and this one needed just a bit more to keep my attention for longer. I recommend you continue the pirates journey, but borrow the film or at least make it cost effective. The worst part is buying DVD’s because now you are forced to buy it to complete the collection.


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