Water For Elephants

Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Water for Elephants is an emotional story following the lives of many people who have lost their way, but to find a place in the circus. It is a very difficult and unpredictable environment. One minute you could be on the train to the next location. Upon arrival, someone may notice you are missing, but that is the life of the circus.

Whenever I find out that a new movie coming out has a book, I always want to read the book first. Sometimes that isn’t an option due to timing and money though. For this one, I haven’t even gotten so far as to buying the book. I have wanted to see it for some time, but had to wait for it to come out on video.

I think in a way, because I waited for so long for this one, my expectations were higher. That can be dangerous at times because it can lead to a heavy let down.

The film stars Robert Pattinson as a young man who joins the circus due to unforeseen circumstances. Many of us are accustomed to seeing him as Edward Cullen, but it was a welcome change to see him in this. I know he has been in a few other movies, but that was before, and this is now. Just to throw it out there, I’m not sure if anyone else who watched this felt this way, but Pattinson was a lot more attractive in this role than he was as Edward. Reese Witherspoon plays opposite Pattinson, as a star attraction of the circus, and also the owners wife. She looks as beautiful as ever, and I believe she is a strong actress. However, at times I was continuously reminded of Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde. I know she can’t help it because that it just how her voice is, but I wasn’t sure if she was attempting a period accent or not. Christoph Waltz does an excellent job as the circus ringleader. Waltz has been in a handful of films, a couple even more recently, but I believe he gained a lot of attention for his role as Col. Hans Landa, in Inglorious Bastards.

I expected this film to be a bit more emotional than it was. There were many parts that made be cringe, but I guess that is a compliment to the film. I recommend that you see this movie, and perhaps after I get to the book, I may recommend that you read that as well.


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