Movies NOT To See


Happy Feet Two nov 18/11

Sorry everyone, but I don’t think you should waste your time on this one, unless you have to for your kids.

The Muppets Nov 23/11

I use to love the Muppets.  I can imagine I wouldn’t after seeing this one.  Can anyone say Smurfs and every other good thing from back in the day ruined by modern remixes?

New Year’s Eve Dec 9/11

Here is another one of those movies with a huge celebrity cast.  These films can go either way.  It’s a typical storyline movie.  It all depends on the characters.  There’s so many I would like to see it, but this one is going to have to wait.

We Need To Talk About Kevin Dec 9/11

This looks like a emotional creepy movie.  I would like to see it, but I could imagine it being very slow and boring at times. And it is almost 2 hours long as well.

Underworld Awakening (Jan 20/12)

Otherwise known as Underworld 4.  I loved these movies, but even the preview for this one doesn’t look that great.  Sadly I will probably watch it, but not until it is out of theatres for sure.

The Woman In Black  (Feb 3/12)

A horror movie starring Harry Potter?  I mean Daniel Radcliffe?  Perhaps.  I normally keep the rule that you shouldn’t see scary movies in theatres because they are never good and always a waste of money.  On the other hand, part of the fun is being scared in a group of people and feeding off their energy.  Still I will wait for this one.


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