Picture Courtesy of Film District


When I saw the preview for this movie, I thought it was an obvious action movie.  Something along the lines of a fast and the furious film.  The film stars Ryan Gosling as “the driver.”  He works as a stunt driver in movies, but will assist criminals as a get away driver with a 5 minute window.  He gets caught up in a series of events that could cost him everything. The films opening credit text seems strangely off in my expectations of my fast and the furious film.   I guess that should have been my first tip.  Secondly, throughout the entire film is a lot of music that screams 80’s to me.  It is almost like an action film that is attempting to be an artistic film.  Many long scenes drawn out by silence and serious deep looks, etc. Unfortunately, even with Ryan Gosling in this film it wasn’t enough to save it.  My thoughts bounced back and forth, just as much as the film did.  During the action scenes I was into it, but during the drawn out 80’s dance party I lost a bit of interest.  I would not recommend seeing this film, sorry Ryan.


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