Fright Night

Picture Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

Fright Night is a recreation of an old horror film.  Since Twilight exploded in hollywood, everybody wants a piece of the vampire pie.  It seems very much like a fad, and unfortunately sometimes gets miss used.  I happen to love the Twilight series, and vampires.  The concept of vampires has been around forever, and I don’t think it will ever die.  I just hope they don’t over do it to the point where no one wants to see or hear anything about vampires again.

In Fright Night, a place consisting of people who work all night and sleep all day is the perfect place for a vampire to live.  As one of the younger residents becomes suspicious after many disappearances, he investigates, while trying to warn his friend.

When I saw the preview for this movie, I knew it would be something that I should not have watched.  It just looked horrible.  It was kind of funny, during the movie, Colin Farrell (our vampire) eats apples.  I couldn’t help but think it may be some sort of jab at Twilight.  I listen to Now radio at work, and there is a segment during Horrible Adam, where a film credit comes in to talk about movies hitting the theatres, as well as hitting the DVD racks.  He had actually mentioned that Fright Night was not a bad movie and recommended to check it out.  I didn’t really agree with some of his past recommendations, so I don’t know what made be try now.

I completely recommend that you do not ever see this movie.  I left the room various times, even while I was in the room I wasn’t really paying attention.  This film is a waste of time and money!


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