A Dangerous Method

Picture Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

A Dangerous Method is a film about the relationships between Carl Jung, Sabina Spielrein and Sigmund Freud.  All were experts in psychology, although Spielrein was a patient of Carl Jungs.
Much of the film follows the relationship between Jung and Spielrein.  It also includes the relationship between Jung and Freud, as Freud was Jungs mentor.   Sex and sexuality is a prominent subject in the film, as it comes out in Spielrein and Jung’s relationship.

I found my attention wondering during a lot of this film.  I had high hopes for it because of Keira Knightley, which I do think she did a very good job acting in this one.  I believe her character suffered from Schizophrenia.  The film was able to get my attention, but it was not able to keep it.  I was interested in learning about these people afterwards.  I have heard of Freud before, but never of the other two.  The relationship between Jung and Speilrein was obviously the most interesting out of the two, due to the fact that Speilrein was Jung’s patient, then his lover.  Despite all this, I do not recommend that you see this movie.

One thought on “A Dangerous Method

  1. Matt Stewart says:

    Before the reviews started coming in I had quite high hopes for this film, unfortunately i have read a lot of negativity since then, and your review only further confirms that. Nice work!

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