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Hugo is a film based off the best selling book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.  I always prefer to read books before seeing films, but unfortunately did not get the chance to do this before seeing the film.  The book is appealing to me because it includes many pictures within the book.  Sometimes this takes away from the imagination of the reader, but I think in the case of this book, you have to view, as much as read to get the story.

Hugo is a boy who lives within the walls of a Paris train station.  After his father dies, he lives with his uncle who takes care of the clocks.  After some time he is left alone to do this.  The film focuses on a couple people in particular, even though they have few lines.  I think this is where the book comes in handy, because I would hope it would fill in the gaps and give more particulars about these people.  I think it would also explain why we saw what we saw.

The book/film also features a character named Georges Melies.  Melies was a real person, and the story behind this man is true, giving the film more intrigue.   Such a unique story based off true events, mixed with a fictional story of wonder.  Melies was a film maker, but due to the war, had to stop making films.  Many of them were lost or destroyed.  Some time later they were able to recover some of his films, although not all.

To be quite honest, I had high hopes for this movie and it didn’t quite reach them.  I was very interested to find out that Georges Melies was a real person and to read up on his story.  I also learned more about the book, such as there are over 200 pictures in this story.  You must read, as well as view, and of course add your own imagination to create the full effect of this story.  I do not have the book, and do not know when that will happen.  Sadly, at this time I do not recommend that you see this film.  Hopefully one day I will read the novel and it will increase my liking of the film.  I believe you must read the book before you can appreciate this film.


One thought on “Hugo

  1. Matt Stewart says:

    The book does very much help someone enjoy the movie more, I have read it and it is also a masterpiece.

    I loved Hugo with everything in me, a touching and sweet story with great historical background.

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