Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures


I kinda like these whole end of world thrillers, but at the same time they scare me to death.  Contagion is a thriller based off the idea of viral diseases and how quickly they can spread.  Many films of this time take the idea and usually turn it into a zombie film.  Which I have no complaints about as I love those movies.

Contagion follows a handful of people and goes by Day (Blank) as a time line.   I believe the film started on Day 5, or something like that.  It works its way forwards and as it pieces things together it is able to help give us the events that happened prior to day 5.  The film is scary because of how real it is and how real the situation can be.  I liked how it showed all sides of the story, from the people being infected, how it can spread from person to person and different levels of society.  We see regular people like ourselves being infected or otherwise.  Corporate high class people, doctors and loved ones.  What people will do to try and save the ones they love, and in such a crisis.  All reactions by every level of society were pretty realistic.

The film ends with the events of Day 1.  Like I said it is a pretty scary concept if you think about it.  It also makes you think what you would do if that situation were to really happen.  Personally I have ideas of what I would do, but I have a feeling I will be one of the firsts to go haha.  All in all I actually didn’t really care for this movie.  I really enjoyed the concept of it, as well as the films take on it, but I found it to be rather boring.  I don’t recommend that you see this movie for that reason.


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