Movies NOT To See – January Edition

I have decided to create new posts every time, to keep a record of my thoughts, instead of keeping one post and replacing it.  I am going to go with an attempt at a monthly post to keep up to date with my movies NOT To See, as well as movies TO see.

Underworld Awakening (Jan 20/12)

Otherwise known as Underworld 4.  I loved these movies, but even the preview for this one doesn’t look that great.  Sadly I will probably watch it, but not until it is out of theatres for sure.

Chronicle (Feb 3/12)

They almost had me with this one.  Young guys with weird super powers, sure this could be fun. Towards the end of the preview though they started to lose me.  Typical kid abuses his powers and tries to rule the world and he has to be stopped.

The Woman In Black  (Feb 3/12)

A horror movie starring Harry Potter?  I mean Daniel Radcliffe?  Perhaps.  I normally keep the rule that you shouldn’t see scary movies in theatres because they are never good and always a waste of money.  On the other hand, part of the fun is being scared in a group of people and feeding off their energy.  Still I will wait for this one.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (Feb 10/12)

Believe it or not I would actually want to see this.  The reason it is on the NOT to see list, is because I think this one isn’t worth going to the theatres for.  They actually kept the same boy from the first movie which was interesting, but it looks like Brendan Fraser wasn’t up for making this one (even though he isn’t doing anything else.)  In his place they chose Dwayne The Rock Johnson.  I don’t think any more comment on that is needed.  Interestingly enough though Vanessa Hudgens is in this one.  I don’t see her adding too much in acting ability, just playful banter with the main character.    Take it or leave it, but I suggest you leave it until the video.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (Feb 17/12)

To be honest I haven’t even seen the first film, so I shouldn’t be judging so harshly.  But I don’t think I really need to have seen it.  I think this will be another dud.

This Means War (Feb 17/12)

Normally I enjoy movies with Reece Witherspoon.  I think this is an attempt at something new for her, but unfortunately it will be a bummer.  Chris Pine and Tom Hardy look like a fun duo and would get some laughs from their pranks on each other.  Mainly because they are two CIA agents with a magnitude of resources at their hands to do as they please.  Despite any positives of this movie it will just be meh, and not worth it.

Wanderlust (Feb 24/12)

There is just too much going on in this movie.  When did Paul Rudd become the go to guy for every attempt at a comedy?  And you gotta throw in Jennifer Anniston because she is so likeable.  Might as well add some kooky twist like a nudist colony and hey we got ourselves a number one film.  Sorry everyone, but this one is going to be a bust.

Prometheus (March 9/12)

This is one of those vague alien movies that only shows you a whole bunch of cut scenes with some intense music to try and get you all hyped and into it.  From watching the preview I didn’t get any interest in seeing this movie.  I thought it was interesting that the date at the end of the trailer was for a release date of June 8, 2012 and yet the theatres here show it being released March 9th.  Push it into theatres and get it out there faster so it can be forgotten faster?

John Carter (March 9/12)

Disney…….Disney…….I dunno what to say.  I can appreciate the interesting and new concept.  The visuals look pretty decent and cool.  It reminds me of Prince of Persia meets Star Wars.  Im not sure if that is a good mix or not, but I didn’t really care for Prince of Persia and Im not sure if I would really enjoy this one.  I think the visuals and everything will need to make up for this because I believe the storyline would be lacking.

The Raven or “The Untitled Raven Project (March 9/12)

I actually really like the idea because this film.  It reminds me a lot of Sleepy Hallow.  I would like to see this film, but I can clearly see the ruin of the film already.  Casting John Cusack to play Edgar Allen Poe.  For this reason I would wait on seeing this film, which unfortunately puts us on the NOT to see list.

21 Jump Street (March 16/12)

As nice as Channing Tatum is to look at, and good for Jonah Hill on losing weight (even though he is one of those people who looks better with weight) I do not recommend you see this movie.  I can see many people arguing that it may look interesting or funny, but I guarantee that those same people will say “Yeah it was okay…” after they spend the money to go see this.

Mirror Mirror (March 16/12)

This one may come as a shock to many of you.  It is a shock to myself as well.  I love Julia Roberts, I am interested in the success of Lilly Colins as she will be playing Clary in the Mortal Instruments films.  And of course Snow White is famous for being a classic Disney film.  Unfortunately, I don’t this will be a very good movie.  Sadly I still want to see it, but I will wait for this one.  The visuals are good, the clothing is eccentric which I love, but Julia seems fake and their is too many fake attempts at trying to be cleaver.  I suggest you check out the other Snow White film coming out this year and not this one.

Wrath of the Titans (March 20/12)

I will admit that this film is visually appealing, but I just didn’t get any good feelings about it.  I was not drawn to this movie and I think it may turn out to be just another good graphic meh movie.

Safe (April 27/12)

Interesting concept for a film.  A lot of action, but just because Jason Statham is nice to look at isn’t enough to make me wanna see this is theatres just yet.


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