Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Picture Courtesy of FilmDistrict


Don’t be afraid of the dark… but thats when all the monsters come out.  The main person advertised for this movie is Katie Holmes.  Personally I have never really watched anything she has been in.  She is more so well known for her marriage to Tom Cruise.

The film is about a creepy old house with secrets.  There are also little creatures that come out in the dark.  The story behind them is explained in the film.  I actually didn’t mind the story behind  it all.  Taking place at a large old house with pretty extensive grounds, a young girl is sent to live her dad and his new girlfriend.  His girlfriend, played by Katie Holmes, is an interior designer, and they are renovating this old house.  When the daughter finds a window in some shrubs, a basement is discovered, but there is no door inside the house.  It is found behind a wall, with a creepy door.  There is a reason the door was hidden and sealed.  You just don’t go into creepy old houses and do stuff like that.  I would prefer if the basement was sealed off.  That way there is no reason to go down there, and have to run upstairs like something is chasing me.

I wasn’t really bothered by the idea of the film.  I do have specific comments that would spoil the film for others though.  The acting was poor.  Katie Holmes is always pretty quiet, it isn’t until the last half of the movie where she becomes more active and vocal.  The old house keeper is probably the worst of the worst.  She has few times, but even then they are annoying.  It wasn’t the greatest movie, but I didn’t really expect it to be.  I don’t recommend that you see this movie, because you won’t gain anything from it, and not all of us live forever.



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