In Time

Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Life is measured in time, but what if time became a currency?  The basics behind the whole time as currency took a little while to catch on to at first.  Basically everybody is born with a little green clock band on their arms.  Everyone is genetically modified so that when they get to 25 years they do not age, however, at the age of 25 your clock is given one year of time.  You are able to work for time to gain more, you can loan it, but you have to pay back more.  Your able to share time between others, and you can even steal time.  When someones time runs out, it is call “Timing out.”

The concept of the movie is very creative.  It looks very similar to the world we live in now, aside from the glowing digital clocks on the arms.  It isn’t until you get into the rich areas, or “Time Zones” that things look more futuristic.  I suppose only the rich can afford to be fashionable.  The film includes few things fashionable for the man (aside from a nice suit) basically just a nice car, but interestingly enough most of the rich women’s outfits are extremely fashionable.

The film stars Justin Timberlake as the main character, and Amanda Seyfried co-starring.  Seyfried is hard to recognize at first without her blonde hair, but the red short cut is very cute on her.  As I mentioned before, the concept of the movie is very creative.  I give great kudos to the thinkers of that one.  Next I am going to turn to the writers though.  Although writers do think of the ideas, making those ideas come to life in a movie can be difficult.  This becomes a script, and unfortunately, this script bombed.  That is my way of being completely nice by not putting the entire blame on Timberlake’s poor acting skills.   There are some very cheesy scenes, such as car wrecks that if you watch closely you can see the hot wheels symbol on the cars (just kidding.)

I give points to creativity and fashionable women.  I do not recommend you see this movie on any basis other than those two factors.


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