Witch and Wizard: The Fire


Witch & Wizard:  The Fire   by  James Patterson  and  Jill Dembowski


The third and most likely final instalment in the Witch and Wizard series.  I would just like to touch on this quickly now to get it out of the way.  The novel says by James Patterson and Jill Dembowski.  I don’t really know who Jill is and to what input she had in the creation of this novel.  There is a description at the end of the novel about Patterson and his works and how many copies of his books he has sold.  However, when talking about Dembowski, it basically says where she went to school and tells us that she lives in New York City, but thats it.  Really downplays her involvement, if any, in the novel and leaves a big question mark on her.

The Fire is the third instalment of the series.  Sometimes when a series caries on, you either think, WHEN WILL THIS END, or else you are hoping and praying that it does not.  Our story continues in the harsh world where The One Who Is The One is still in control.  Parents are dead, thousands of children in jail and many killed or dying from plague.  Wisteria and Whitford Allgood are children of a prophecy.  They are destined to cast out the evil and restore the world.  It is a lot of responsibility for teenagers who just learnt they were a Witch and a Wizard.  Their powers are meant for helping and healing.  They are not to be abused and therefore not always there for them.

The style in which this book was written makes it a quick read.  Every few pages is a new chapter.  It will either change from Wisty or Whit, or continue from the previous persons story.  One thing I like about this is you get both character perspectives, their stories, what they don’t say “out loud”, and watch them grow.  Even better, there is hardly any repetition.

From previously reading the first two books, I have come to know all the characters.  You come to like some, hate some, want to learn more about others but never do.  I enjoyed the third instalment of this story.  In a way I think that the ending leaves it open to a possible fourth book.  Just because one evil overlord is gone doesn’t mean there isn’t a possibility for another or some previous menace to return.  I don’t care for books that prattle on and make further instalments just to continue with one short point, only to drag it into a full novel.  I can safely say that it wouldn’t bother me if a fourth book came out in this series.  I recommend that you check them out, they are simple reads with young likeable characters.  Even more exciting is the fact that there is a movie on the series coming out.  This leaves me wondering how much of the series the film will include, if there will be more films, and future movie blogs about my pleasure or displeasure.  Stay tuned!


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