What’s your number?

Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Yet another romantic comedy.  Naturally I was bound to watch this one.  What’s Your Number is about the number of lovers the average woman has.  For the main character, played by Anna Faris, it turns out her number is well above the average.  In order to keep her number from rising, she decides the only way to find the man she is suppose to be with is by looking up all her ex boyfriends.  She does this with the help of her neighbour, played by Mr.Chris Evans.

The first half of the movie has a lot of funny parts, I find the second half of the film isn’t as funny.  The thing with romantic comedies, is they make you laugh and melt your heart, but they are predictable.  But we all know that going into the films, we just go along for the ride.  In romantic comedies there is always two or more guys and the girl always ends up with “the right one”.  Our opposition is the handsome Dave Annable, who starred in the Brother’s and Sister’s tv show.  I had never watched it, but I did recognize him.

Overall it was not a bad film.  I think Anna Faris fits into that cute funny role very easily.  There are some things about the film that are kind of like “What is the point of that?”, or “Who thought of that?”  This is just one of those average films.  It wouldn’t completely kill you to see it, but you aren’t lost without it.  I would definitely NOT recommend that you buy this movie.  Rent it, borrow it, or wait for it to pop up on Netflix.


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