The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Prince is the second book in the 3 part series of the Infernal Devices. The stories in the Infernal Devices are a prequel to the Mortal Instruments series. These books are so easy to fall in love with. The world of shadowhunters is such an exciting new world to me, I just love it. All of the adventures pull you into the story. So many mysteries and thrills you get to find out with the characters. The characters themselves are a treat to get to know. You pick your favourites, your least liked and most hated. You root for some and think other such thoughts about others, but no matter who they are and what your feelings are towards that character they add to it all. Clare is able to create so many different characters and they all fit perfectly into this new world.

Clockwork Prince continues on the story of Tessa Gray, a young girl with an interesting skill, even she didn’t know she had. There are still so many mysteries to be unraveled and it makes you ache to read more. That is always the trouble with reading a series that isn’t completely out when you start it. The story completely envelopes you and then it ends abruptly, like hitting a wall. Then there is this large void between the books you must fill. Then the next one comes out and you have to try and remember all the juicy details.

We are introduced to new characters in this story as well, and the whole time I am trying to piece together where these characters belong in the Mortal Instruments series. Clare says that you are able to read the Infernal Devices without having read the Mortal Instruments first, but I like the way I read them. I read them as they came, and I think with the in depth knowledge I gained from MI helped me prepare for ID.

Clare is a exceptional writing and an inspiration when it comes to writing. I have a high bar to meet, but I am willing to attempt it! I hope to one day be able to write such brilliant stories and be able to create characters that instantly draw you in. Thank you to Cassandra Clare for yet another beautiful book, I look forward to the rest, and completely recommend that you read them all.

A bit of an exciting spoiler pertaining to the books in the series. You may have seen on my Twitter, but I learnt that Clare is actually coming out with another Shadowhunter series. It will take place 5 years after the Mortal Instruments series. I expect it will introduce us to more amazing new characters, and tease us with a taste of old ones that we have come to love. This series is called The Dark Artifices. In all this is how the series will look (not in order of release)

The Infernal Devices:
Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Prince
Clockwork Princess

The Mortal Instruments:
City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Glass
City of Fallen Angels
City of Lost Souls
City of Heavenly Fire

The Dark Artifices:
I believe there will be three books in this series. Again picking up 5 years after City of Heavenly Fire. These are not written and therefore do not have titles yet. Keep an eye out for these amazing reads to come!


One thought on “The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince

  1. Wow, thanks for all the news as well as the great book review! I unfortunately haven’t even started reading The Infernal Devices trilogy, but I think I really should soon. Cassandra Clare is a great author.

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