The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Catching Fire   by  Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire is the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  I am so thankful that I started reading these books, because after the first, I was hooked.

Catching Fire continues from The Hunger Games.  I think it is safe to say that if you are reading this, you know that we are talking about the second book, therefore any following details may be a bit of a spoiler.  I will try my best but there are a couple obvious things, so if you have not read the books and plan to, STOP READING.

The book continues with Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Melark, going back to District 12 as victors of the 74th Annual Hunger Games.  Two victors is something that has never happened before, as the games are meant to only have one victor.  With their winnings they are able to provide for their families, as well as some other towns people.  As Katniss tries to figure out her feelings, and who she is, she is forced to continue to relive the games.  As the 75th Hunger Games get closer, anticipation for the Quarter Quell rises in the Capitol.  The Quarter Quell’s were set up at the beginning of the games.  Envelopes with “surprise” circumstances of the games.  The contents of which are all too convenient for them to have been made 75 years ago.  The timing is too perfect as Katniss finds herself in the middle of something big.

I was completely hooked after reading the first book.  The excitement and the pace of the books keep you on edge.  It is definitely one of those books where you say to yourself “Okay, I’m going to bed after this chapter…..Okay, one more chapter!” haha.  I am excited to read the third and final book in the series titled Mockingjay.  I can only expect another amazing book, and I will be chewing my lip in anticipation in how it will all end.  This is absolutely one of those series that is becoming a must read.  I can’t wait to finish it. I am already excited for the film, despite some reservations I have to selected actors.  The problem with seeing the preview for the film, after reading the first book, is the conflicting picture of the characters I have created in my mind, and those that will be appearing on the screen.  If you have not already started this series, you best get on it!


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