Mockingjay  by  Suzanne Collins

The final instalment of the Hunger Games series.  Katniss Everdeen continues on her journey through a war torn Panem.  Relying on her intuition on who to trust, as friends, allies and enemies seem to become harder to distinguish.  The country is relying on her to do many things, depending on which side they are on, many of which are a lot for a teenager to handle.  She is the face of a rebellion, the face of strength, fear and hatred.

Mockingjay introduces us to more characters, while expanding on many characters we already know.  This adds depth to the characters as we gain a better insight into who they are and where they fit into the story.  The devastating thing about war is the introduction of characters also has the opposite effect as we see characters killed.  With the subject of a Hunger Games, the fact that characters will die is inevitable.  It is a fact of life and reality, which brings more emotion to the story.  Books are normally a safe haven or place of escape.  This series is an adventure of emotions, skill, friendship and survival.

It is always a horrible feeling when you are wrapped up in a book and you begin to notice how few pages are left.  Even more so when it is the final story in a series.  So many questions build in your mind and you begin to wonder how the author will find time to answer them all.  Nothing is worse than a lingering question.  For myself, I was hoping something would occur at the end of the novel, a bit of random insight, more of a “cherry on top”; a sweet touch.  This didn’t happen, which doesn’t bother me too much, I think it was more safe for the author to end it this way.

I absolutely recommend, no I’m urging you, that you MUST read this entire series.  I can safely say that I loved the entire series.  It was such an adventure.  An idea completely new to me with amazing characters, from the main characters to those who only briefly appear.   With the series completed I am even more excited for the film to come out.  However, after reading the novels, it is apparent that the Hunger Games will be the first and only film in the series, as I could not see them continuing the films.

“Real, or not real?”



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