The Vow

Picture Courtesy of Screen Gems


Oh romance movies, how I love thee.  The Vow is a movie based off a true story.  It is about a couple who get in an accident.  When she wakes up, she does not remember who her husband is, she doesn’t remember anything about her life with him.  All that she remembers is the life she had before him.

The film stars the lovely Rachel McAdams who does an amazing job as usual.  Her handsome co-star is Channing Tatum, sure he isn’t everyones cup of tea but I really like the guy.  The story is based off the true events of a real couple, Kim and Krickitt Carpenter.  You can google them and come up with many reports and even a youtube video.  Naturally when it comes to hollywood there are always things embellished to make things seem more magical than they really were.  The idea behind the story is true and rather heartbreaking, but most of the glam from the film is completely made up.  After watching the youtube video and reading a bit about the couple, I wont lie, I prefer the fake hollywood version of the tale better.  They add a lot of depth to the story and build off the confusion and difficulty that the couple had faced.  They had to add many elements to make the story longer and more captivating.

I am a complete sucker for these films, and I was pretty sure that I would have cried during this movie.  Believe it or not, I did not cry.  The story is very amazing, and like I said, I like a lot of the fake hollywood elements.  Some of them are a little overdone, like the completely artistic couple living in a loft that is chaotic but completely artistic and unique, down to the last item.  Probably the best embellishment that hollywood does best is the visually appealing couple.  The real life couple are not as handsome as Tatum or as pretty as McAdams.  They are an average every day couple, the man a little on the pudgy side, and the woman skinny and awkward.  The film ended in a very different way, I was not expecting it.  In a way it makes sense and adds to the story, however it was not the ending I was waiting for.  I was waiting for the typical cheesy romantic ending and I did not get that.  I was a little miffed about this but, what can you do.

Down to what everybody needs to know.  This movie had such promise, but it kinda fell flat.  The story with all its hollywood accents was really slow.  I was waiting for the heart wrenching punches and tears and they never came.  A romantic film with Rachel McAdams and done by the same people who made the Notebook.  Really!? Thats it?  I hate to say it, but this movie did not meet my expectations and it hurts me to say that I do not recommend that you see this movie in theatres.  Perhaps when it comes out on demand or such things you feel the need for a night in cuddle movie, have at ‘er.



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