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Anonymous is the story of the famous works of Shakespeare.  The film, however, is based on the Oxfordian theory of Shakespeare’s authorship.  The theory is that the works widely known to be done by Shakespeare, were actually done by Edward De Vere.  De Vere was the 17th Earl of Oxford, and had been known to have done many plays.  There are theorists who believe that Shakespeare was none other than a face to put on the plays of others.  Questions of how such a man was able to create these works that his name bares.

Anonymous uses real facts, as well as some embellishments to create a thrilling story about who Shakespeare really was.  The film actually plays little attention to the character of Shakespeare.  It depicts him more of a lowly actor, a man who could read but could not write.  Someone who used De Vere’s secret to gain fortune and fame.  The film also follows a relationship between De Vere and the Queen, and even revealing many secrets.

I am not a historian and can not claim that I know of any of the events within this film.  I cannot deny anything that I have seen, nor can I see it as being all falsehoods. To be quite honest, I never did care for Shakespeare.  Perhaps this was before my spark of interest in literature had taken flame.  I have not recently attempted to read any of his works and try to change my previous opinions about him.  I find the Oxfordian Theory, as well as any others, rather intriguing.  I had read a novel called “Interred With Their Bones.”  The novel speaks of many such things, as Shakespeare being the face of works not his own.  The novel suggests that it was collective works of a group of people, rather than one person.  All of these theories seem more possible to me, and even if they are all tall tales, that is the enjoyment of reading.  I happen to like tall tales.

The film can be difficult for some, as it is a period movie.  There were moments when it seemed a bit slow.  It also jumps from different times and characters.  This may cause confusion for some, but can be easily picked up on eventually.  I really enjoyed this movie, as I expected I would.  The thought of  so great a secret and hundreds of years of history built on top of it, with the potential of it all being a lie, is highly intriguing to me.  I think many things in our world that are common fact to us, could be all lies.  The reality of things are what the people in power wish them to be.  If these topics interest you, I would suggest that you see this film, and even check out the novel mentioned above.  There are many stories regarding this topic that I have not mentioned that you could check out.  If these topics do not interest you then I am sure this movie is not for you and would be a complete bore to bare for over 2 hours.



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