A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches   by  Deborah Harkness

Me and my little Bean were very excited to start reading this novel.  There are some books that you know are going to be good, just by looking at them.  This also makes me ponder.  This book was on some top lists of books, and was a book to watch out for.  Who decides that you should watch out for these books?  Who decides that YOU should read them?  And How do I become one of these wonderful people who gets to read books before they are released? (Please Hire Me)

It Begins With Absence and Desire.  It begins with Blood and Fear.  It Begins With A Discover of Witches.

Diana Bishop is a historian who comes from long blood line.  This blood line is very unique, as many belonging to it, are witches.  Diana is hiding from her past, and her true calling.  The magic within her wants to break free, but her desire to be normal struggles to keep it down.  After finding a strange manuscript, she can tell that this not a normal manuscript.  The manuscript is bewitched with very strong magic.  It is this manuscript that sets fire to the events that we learn of A Discovery of Witches.

I was extremely intrigued when I read the description to this book.  With the Twilight series being done, who are we kidding, once we heard of a new hunky vampire, we were bewitched.  People will always run parallels to things to try and make them seem like the same thing.  Perhaps this is a Twilight goes to College novel, but I think Harkness was able to create a novel with a hunky vampire named Matthew De Clairmont, and make it completely her own.  We learn of 4 different species.  Humans, Witches, Vampires, and Daemons.  All of these exist among us.

Whenever I read a book, I always take off the sleeve and leave it in a safe place until I am done reading.  There’s nothing that upsets me more than a tattered book or sleeve. Unfortunately, while taking off the sleeve, I am also oblivious to a few things plainly stated on it.  (This isn’t the first time this has happened either).  Also,  I thought it would be interesting to have a book to expand on these different species.  Perhaps this was the one on Witches, the next Vampires, and then Daemons.  Or whichever order.  This was of course before I was well into the book, and with 40 pages left to go, I started to panic that there was no way that Harkness would be able to answer all my questions and finalize the story is such a short time.  I hate rushed endings, when a novel is so large and builds up to something amazing, and it takes all of a few pages for a climax and a finale.  This book is not the case.  Let me explain further.

When I finished this book and realized there has to be more to it, I threw open my laptop and forced goggle to answer my query.  It was to my dismay that I learnt that this book is not just called A Discovery of Witches, but the “All Souls Trilogy”.  TRILOGY.  Although it pleases me greatly that the journey will continue and I have two more books to look forward to, it also makes me sad that I now must wait for another series!  It was so much easier to find books after the last one comes out.  Then I can read start to finish without interruption.

Although I really enjoyed this book, there are a few things that could have been left out.  It is a very large book, and there are some things that add to the bulk of the book that could probably have been skipped.  It is hard to find the lines between being too vague, and too verbose.  Although I am pointing this out to be a negative of the book, I’m sure this acts highly in the positive as well.  I just found myself bouncing from excitement and eager to read on, to waiting for more excitement during the slower parts.

I am naturally looking forward to the series to continue.  Again it is called the All Souls Trilogy. And the next novel in the book is called Shadow of Night.  Although I cannot truthfully say I loved this book, I think much of it has to do with the fact that I was oblivious to the fact it was a trilogy.  I still suggest that you read it, if you would like to hold on so your wait isn’t as painful as the rest of us, Shadow of  Night will be released in July of 2012.



One thought on “A Discovery of Witches

  1. Such an impatient generation. Back in my day (says the grumpy old man), we’d read the first book of a trilogy when it came out, then we’d wait, letting nations fall, stars be born, then die, all through the countless centuries until book II. Read it, then prepare to do the same for book III. 🙂

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