X-Men: First Class

Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

X-Men: First Class is the latest release in the X-Men series, however this film is a sequel to the others.  The film opens with a scene we have previously seen in one of the X-Men films.  It then continues on in that time period.  We are taken back to 1944 Poland and to the “beginnings” of Magneto (Played by Michael Fassbender).  We are also introduced to Sebastian Shaw who is played by Kevin Bacon.  For some reason he annoyed me throughout most of the film.   We are then taken to England where we are  introduced to Charles Xavier and Raven (who you may better know as Mystique)

The film follows the war as well as the discovery of mutants.  As more and more mutants come into the film, humans are starting to wonder who the real threat is.  It is kind of silly, because they are fighting a war against Russia and are at the point of bombing each other to bits.  Suddenly they decide that the real enemy is these mutants, who are actually saving them.  I understand the whole reason behind it, and it makes sense, it is just silly.

It was interesting for me, not being a completely comic book fan, and having these characters that I know being introduced.  Some are more obvious than others, and some it took me awhile to get.  I was specifically keeping an eye on the actress Jennifer Lawrence who plays Mystique, as she is Katniss Everdeen in the new Hunger Games film.  It was a surprise to me to find out that she has been in movies that have been out for awhile, and I had no idea who she was.  Charles Xavier’s character is played by James McAvory. I understand that the film was based in that time period, but while he was talking and especially trying to pick up the girl in the bar, all I could think of was Austen Powers.

Something that annoyed me a lot during this film was the introduction to a handful of young mutants.  Everyone is showing off their powers as well as trying to learn them and how to handle them.  The “bad guys” show up, and all that the young mutants can do is scream and shuffle around.

I think the most entertaining part about this film was seeing the beginning of the X-Men series and how some of the characters fell into place.  Other than that I found the film to lag a bit.  It was a decent film, and if your a fan of the X-Men series I would say you have to check it out.  Perhaps just grab a lot of junk food.  Maybe the sugar can help keep you entertained and tuned into the movie.



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