Movies TO See: April 2012 Edition

The Lucky One  (April 20/12)

Complete sucker for these romantic movies.  This one looks sooo good!

The Avengers (May 4/12)

I enjoyed the Captain America movie.  I expected this to be a sequel.  In a way it is a sequel to Captain America, as well as other Marvel character films.  Im not sure how I feel about that though.

Dark Shadows (May11/12)

This is the film I had referred to staring Johnny Depp and Eva Green.  As of yet there is no trailer for it, but I have high hopes.

What to Expect When Your Expecting (May 11/12) 

Based off the best selling novels, I want to see this!

Men in Black 3 (May 25/12)

You just gotta love the Men in Black movies.  Mainly the first one.  I was pleased with the preview as it hasn’t completely changed, it has the same appearance.  It is almost like the film continued right after the first one and didn’t jump how many years.  Many times newer films have a completely different look, that takes away from the film.  Naturally I will be seeing this movie, whether it is in theatres or not.

Snow White and the Huntsmen (June 1/12)

This is the second Snow White film coming out this year, and my personal pick of which one you should see.  The film stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, and Charlize Theron as the wicked witch.  All you have to do is watch the preview for this movie to know why I want to see this one.  It looks amazing.  I hope Kristen can act.

Bel Ami (June 8/12)

Yes please.  This was an unexpected movie for me.  Im surprised that I had not heard of it before.  I would love to see this movie, and alas, it is based off a book.  The list just keeps getting bigger.  I need to learn to speed read, or become a vampire to have endless time to read.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (June 22/12)

I have not read the book yet, but I would like to, and now Im going to have to!

The Brave (June 22/12)

The first couple times I saw this movie, I wasn’t really into it, even though it is a Disney.  Finally it has made an impact on me with the full length trailer.  I think it will be a pretty decent film, and at least we know with this one they aren’t going to force her to become a Disney princess.  Perhaps just a heroic action doll with long hair.  Any other nationalities feeling left out that we need to create a princess for and take away the greatness of the true classics?

Spider-Man (July 3/12)

A remake of a recently remade film.  Sure it went completely down hill but is it necessary to start from scratch?  A whole new cast and new ideas?  Sure…I’ll bite.  Will I go to it in theatres? Probably not, but I will probably want to see this to compare it to the other films.

The Dark Knight Rises (July 20/12)

If you couldn’t tell from the title, this is the new Batman movie!  I really enjoyed the Dark Knight.  I was not all for jumping on the band wagon because of Heath Ledger, which was over hyped even though he did do a good job.  It was a really good film though.  I am very looking forward to this next film, especially that I learnt that Anne Hathaway will be taking on the part as Catwoman!  I like Anne Hathaway as an actress and am extremely interested in seeing how she does at portraying Catwoman.  She has some big shoes to fill after Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns.

Skyfall (Nov 9/12)

The new Bond movie with Daniel Craig.  I hope it gets back to being as good as Casino Royale.  I didn’t really care for Quantum of Solace as much.

    Twilight Saga: Breaking DawnPart 2 (Nov 16/12)
                    Preview Still To Come 

Not that you need one to know to go to this movie!

The Hobbit: Part 1 (Dec 31/12)

Preview finally released.  And now I realize that I have some books to buy and to start reading.  Or at least before December 31st!

Movies Set for 2013!

Scary Movie 5

I can’t believe I am actually putting this movie on this list, but it is true.  I loved these movies, they were so stupid it was funny.  I hope this one follows suit and doesn’t become a complete dud.  Five is a little too many I would agree though.

Monsters Inc 2 !

Austin Powers 4

The Hobbit: Part 2

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (January 11/13)

There isn’t a preview for this film yet, just a description.  For now I am placing this movie on my TO see list as I enjoy the idea of the film.  It is set 15 years after Hansel and Gretel kill the witch who tries to eat them, and now they are bounty hunters….witch hunters!



I thought I would add a couple projects that are being talked about, and even some have begun casting and filming.

The City of book series by Cassandra Clare is going to be made into a film.  It is hard to express into words how excited I am by this.  While reading the series, I always thought how amazing it would be to see this on the screen, but I assumed it would not happen.  Now that it is, I will definitely be keeping tabs on this one and keeping you updated!

Dark Shadows was a TV series back in 1960.  It included witches, vampires, werewolves, ghouls and many other things.  It seems to be following the phenomenon with witches, vampires and werewolves, which I have to say I am a huge fan of.  What is even more amazing is this film will be produced by Tim Burton, who I love, and will include none other than his famous side-kick actor, Johnny Depp.  This one is expected for May 11, 2012. (Included above)

Witch & Wizard is a new book series that I have begun reading.  I learnt that they plan on making it into a movie.  Once I get more info about the film, I will let you know!


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