Fifty Shades of Grey

Sorry for the blah picture.  I had to take a picture of a zoomed in picture of my bookshelf in iBooks, because I couldn’t get a proper shot close up.  It gets bigger as it opens but goes straight into the book.

Fifty Shades of Grey   by  E.L. James

This book series has exploded all over the internet within a very short amount of time. If I read this correctly, this series actually started out being fan fiction of the Twilight series.  The characters names were later changed.  I did not hear this until after reading much of the book, and I found myself trying to guess which characters it was. I could only assume that it is Edward and Bella but in human forms, and Edward a little ….different.  All I knew about these books was that it was called the “Twilight for moms.”  Which never really made sense to me because all moms read and loved Twilight anyway.  But after reading it I can only assume they mean the adult content within the book.

Our main character is Anastasia, and our main heart throb is Christian Grey.  Anastasia refers to him as being Fifty Shades because he is difficult to understand, hence the title, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Anastasia is our typical Bella.  Not your average girl, she a book worm and doesn’t think of herself as beautiful, but we all know she is.  There is the “typical hotties” which she does not fit under this category, but her friend does and therefore she assumes that she is not the pretty type.

Now moving onto our more interesting character, Christian Grey.  Christian is our obvious reason why we read these books and why it is such a successful erotic novel.  We are going to run with the idea that Christian is essentially the non-vampire Edward.  For all of you males, or people who don’t like Twilight, pay attention very closely because I am going to explain to you why we love our Edwards and our Christian Greys.

How to become the perfect man:

Money and Power

Both Edward and Christian are rich.  Edward is a vampire and has a lot of time to accumulate money, as well as he uses Alice’s visions with the stock market, aka, unlimited source of funds.  Christian Grey is a highly successful business man, and the owner of his own company.  There is the financial power, the physical power, the social status power, the essential power of a man.  All very attractive.


It doesn’t matter how you choose to portray this, but being that knight in shinning armour in any situation makes us melt inside.  This is a key characteristic of both Edward and Christian.  Their need to protect is almost animalistic, and although can seem overbearing to some, it is completely welcome in almost all situations.

Become completely gorgeous

The benefit to reading is the reader is able to use their own imaginations.  You can take the characters highlights and mix in your idea of what is good looking to create the perfect man visually.


Edward is forever 17 years old on the outside, but has many years of experience and wisdom making him appealing inside and out.
Christian is in his late 20’s, but how many gorgeous men in their late 20’s are the owner of their own company and have unlimited funds?


That’s right, our knight’s in shinning armour aren’t perfect.  However, it is exactly because of their imperfections that makes them so perfect.  How confusing.  Both Edward and Christian either view themselves/or could be views as monsters in some way.  Of course, Edward is a vampire, and the list of reasons why I would NOT let him turn me are slim to none.  Staying young, beautiful, and practically indestructible for eternity with the perfect man.  Tough choice.  Christian is not a vampire and has the limitations of a human, but because of his extreme status in society he is able to afford the protection and the materialistic pleasures of life.  Both highly stable and a feeling of security despite any dangers.  The man is always the biggest danger.

Forever the Gentlemen

Being the perfect gentlemen is the perfect balance of being a sensitive romantic, and being masculine at the same time.  That’s right, we expect you to be both male and female.  The positive qualities of a man, and remove the negative qualities and replace them with female qualities.  Now we are genetically modifying and creating robotic lovers.

Attracted to us peasants

These gods among men come down from the heavens to mingle among us commoners, and what do you know, they happen to fall for the common girl.  It is always those who don’t think highly of themselves that end of being the main character, and beautiful in the eyes of our Edwards/Grey’s.

Fifty Shades of Grey is the first book in the trilogy.  I really wanted to read these now while the hype is so high.  I thought I could get an insight into why it is so popular and let you all know.  The book kept me entertaining, and always thirsty for more.  Yet at the same time it is nothing spectacular.  There is no crazy adventure, no magical creatures, but a simple girl and a successful young man.  It is the relationship between these two individuals and the surprising details that keep us entertained.  I’m sure the erotic aspect of the novel is pretty alluring as well.  I am done the first book and have just started reading the second book.  I can say that I was not on the edge of my seat reading this book, I was not spellbound and in awe of any greatness.  There is something that I cannot quite pin point.  I am hooked and need to finish, despite the fact that I am not in love.  I will continue to update you as I complete these books and hopefully find out the secret behind them all.  Naturally if you are a Twilight fan or a female you will enjoy these books, but be warned it is an erotic novel, and as such there is lots of sex!


One thought on “Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. Rabindranauth says:

    Dude, congrats. You’re the only guy other than myself that I know has read these books. I read them out of curiousity to see what the hubbub is about [like I did Twilight].
    I agree, there’s nothing new or unique in here, not to me at least. Anastasia really grated on my nerves, half her vocabulary seems to be “Oh my” for Odin’s sake.
    I also understand what you meant about not being able to pin point it: she writes really well. Because of her writing, she easily holds your attention and keeps the story moving along so you don’t feel bogged down or bored at any point. There’s even points where you actually enjoy what’s going on [not in this particular book, for me, but they occur over the course of the series.] That’s what I credit it to, at least.

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