The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

Picture Courtesy of IFC Midnight


The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

I was so upset at having to watch this movie.  I have seen the first one and I knew what to expect.

They tried to portray the film differently by doing it in black and white, and even doing things to accentuate this eg: when the man peed into the white toilet, they made it either bloody or black so there was a dark stream and a white toilet.   There were other things to add to this contrast as well.  Further in the film they even go so far as adding certain color flashes to highlight things.

The idea behind the second film, Is a disturbing fan of the first movie wants to make his own centipede.  He is a security guard at a underground parking lot and he watches the film all day on repeat.  He has a black book with clipping and notes from the film, he even has a pet centipede.  He dreams of making his own centipede, not with just three people like the film, but twelve.

The main character is horribly disturbing, and I feel sorry for him if he looks like this in real life.  There were many scenes cut out, either from the version of the film I saw or that is just how the film is.  The scenes I am referring to are the ones how he transports the victims.  He is a small, fat man with asthma, which makes it more unbelievable.  With the amount of times he bashes people In the head with his crowbar you would assume they would all be dead, but it just puts them to sleep for a little while.  The blood pouring from their heads every time is irrelevant and easily fixed with duct tape.

I IMPLORE YOU NOT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE.  If you have watched the first movie, I am sorry for your loss and the disturbing visuals that will haunt you for the rest of your life.  Consider yourself lucky if you have NOT seen this movie.  It is not worth the time, money, or loss of innocence.




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