The Raven

Picture Courtesy of Rogue


The Raven is a film starring John Cusack, as Edgar Allan Poe.  I was a little leery about this at first, as I thought the preview looked very interesting, but didn’t know if Cusack could pull it off.

I always love stories like these.  They take actual people and fantasize their lives to make for very good adventures.  It is the fact that they use the truth and add tales to these truths that makes them such good stories.

The film begins at an end.  Edgar Allan Poe was found rather delusional, in someone else’s clothes, and saying things that didn’t quite make sense before he died.  The film claims that the events of Poe’s final three days remain a mystery.  It is with this, among other things, that our story comes into play.  A series of murders begin to happen, all mirroring certain stories by Poe.  Naturally he is considered a suspect, but also the only person who might be able to give some insight or clues.

As I mentioned I didn’t have much hope for Cusack, but was pleasantly surprised by the film.  It was an exciting thriller that made me question what is real and what is not.  I only knew the basics of Poe’s work so I was able to catch when these came into play, but that is the extent.  I’m sure there were a couple things I had missed.

I would recommend that you see this movie, but it can wait until it is out of theatres.


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