Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed  by  E.L. James

And so the trilogy comes to an end.  Anastasia and Christian continue on their journey to be together and to put away the ghosts of the past.  Christian’s dark past seems ever present and it effects all of those around him.

As with the second book the action continues!   The first book is a stepping stone to familiarize the readers with the characters and their personalities.  As I mentioned in a previous review, these books started out as Twilight fan fiction.  I was able to pick out quite a few of the characters and who their Twilight companions were, which was kind of fun.  When I say Twilight fan fiction, I don’t mean that it is different people following the Twilight story.  They are simply the Twilight characters in a different world.  Moving away from Twilight though, this is an erotic series.  There is no getting around that fact.  Sex, sex, and more kinky fuckery.  I must admit that as I was reading the second book and into the third, I was thankful for the sections that let us imagine what the sex scenes involved and skipped past them.   That’s right, I got bored with the sex and wanted more adventure.  Thankfully the series was able to deliver this or it would not have been as interesting.

One thing I never really mentioned about the series were the errors, and I would assume this would have been corrected as the books became more popular and were printed as physical copies.  I can usually deal with small errors and skim right over them.  My mind will automatically correct them and I see what it should say and not what it actually does.  Sometimes I even don’t realize that something is incorrect, because it seems normal to me.  In the ebook version there were many times when the errors were words out of place, or words that probably should have been deleted that never were.  I won’t let this ruin the story though.

As much as many of you hate the hype and try to avoid things to be a non-conformist, inadvertently conforming to be a non-conformist I suggest you read this series.  Life is too short, and the world is too big.  Focus on your own little bubble and do what makes you happy.


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