The Woman In Black

Picture Courtesy of CBS Films


The Woman In Black is a supernatural horror starring Daniel Radcliffe.  Radcliffe plays a young lawyer with financial issues, named Arthur Kipps.  He has a son, but his wife died during child birth.  He still sees his wife, and throughout the film there are flashbacks of his past.  In order to stay with his firm he accepts a job to go over the papers of a recently deceased woman.  He must travel to her house which is at the end of a winding road surrounded by water.  So much so that it is only accessible when the tide is out.  The towns people are not very welcoming and soon Radcliffe’s character finds out why.

A ghost referred to the woman in black, is searching for her dead son.  They say that if someone sees her then one of the children will die.  This is the reason the towns people do not want Kipps to stay in the town, investigating the old house.  There’s a jumpy part or two, possibly even a bit of creepiness to the film.  The house has very strange wind up toys in the nursery as well.  There are a lot of odd people and one cranky ghost.

I’m sorry to say that I do not recommend that you see this movie.  The story line was lacking and the cast was forgettable.  For myself, Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter.  He looks much older and is able to pass as an older gentlemen in this film.  I still find him rather disturbing to look at.  He does have some acting ability, but as of yet it is still pretty low on the scale.   I’m sure it also does not help that the film would probably have been as dull no matter who played the lead.


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