Chernobyl Diaries

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Chernobyl was a catastrophic nuclear accident that happen in 1986.  Thousands of people were evacuated from the area, but due to the extreme amount of radiation many were effected.

The film follows a trio of young people traveling around Europe. One of whom has a striking resemblance to Leonardo Di Caprio.  Believe it or not, it is not some unknown actor, but in fact it is played by Jesse McCartney.  Thats right you heard me, the singer.  Our handsome pop star takes on the horror movie role fairly well.  Getting back to the story.  The trio make a stop in Kiev to visit a brother of McCartney’s.  The trio have their trip planned out, but the brother decides to create one more adventure for the group.  He signs them up for an extreme tour to visit the Chernobyl area.  They are joined by two more tourists as well as the guide.  After a two hour drive they reach a checkpoint that is monitored by armed guards.  They inform the tour guide that the site is closed and visitors are not allowed.  This does not deter the group, as they take an alternate route to their destination.  They arrive to an abandoned city with overgrown trees and shrubs.  As night comes things begin to happen and they learn they are not alone.

The film had a really good idea and seemed pretty solid for the most part.  The “enemy” or the “monsters” are not really shown for most of the film, although it is apparent they are not an animal, but not quite human either.  It is not one of those films that you don’t get to see what the attacker is, but what you do see is pretty minimal.  As the film starts to near the end it starts to lose anything that it has gained throughout the film.  Any positive thoughts about the film start to go out the window and confusion starts to set in.  Not really confusion of what is going on, but more so the confusion of why it was ending the way it was.  Once the film was over you are not confused, but angry.  Angry at the way the film ended and how they wrecked anything good that it had going for it.  The worst part is the fact that I could see them making a second one to try and continue to the story even though they don’t have much to go on.

Unfortunately, I do not recommend that you see this movie in theatres.  I will leave on a positive note though, it had one of the longest “scary movie” suspense scenes I believe I have ever seen.  That is all.


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