The City of Lost Souls

The City of Lost Souls  by  Cassandra Clare

The more I read the books the more impatient I get for the films to come.  With that also brings my hesitation and the knowledge that most films will never live up to a readers standards.

It is tricky doing reviews for a series of books, especially when you are talking about the fifth book in a series.  What to say without spoiling things for those who have not read them all? And in that case… Why art thou reading this?   Simply it is your fault going forward, you have been warned.

COLS picks up directly from COFA as is the trend with all the books.  The evil Sebastian is back thanks to the greater demon Lilith, and has taken Jace with him.  The clave must follow the law to get him back but the law and what is right, and right for whom is always in question.  To follow the laws of the clave would mean almost certain death for Jace.

We get to dive deeper into different characters and their relationships.  Some good, others not so much.  We get our first real and lasting look at Sebastian as a character, his evil core and possibly another side of him?  The book also focuses a lot on the relationship between Alec and Magnus, which is the strongest in COLS for myself.  Clary and Jace will forever be a focal relationship, but it is nice to branch out and experience others.  For those who have read the books and are reading this, I’m sure you can understand my questioning thoughts and the cliff hanger with Camille Belcourt !?  It couldn’t possibly be so simple.  Please hurry City of Heavenly Fire, and yet rushing the end of the end….again, impatient.

One thing I realized during this book is how large the books are, and how quickly they disappear.  The mortal instruments books are easy to get lost in.  You could be in mid battle, leave for some time, and come back just as enraptured in the battle.  I wonder if they will turn the mortal instruments series into the next Harry Potter films?  Most series will try and group them together for better viewing, but takes away from the details and scenes in the book.

I absolutely love these books and applaud Cassandra Clare for her astounding imagination and abilities.  These are not books that need to be recommended, but a must read.  The best part about reading is being able to escape, and the mortal instruments creates an amazing world one easily gets lost in.

One thought on “The City of Lost Souls

  1. Susan A. says:

    I’ve been hearing about this series more and more lately. I’m not really onto YA books, but your review tempts me. Good job!

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