Movies NOT To See: June 2012 Edition

Piranha 3DD (June 1/12)


Prometheus (June 8/12)

Scary Alien Thriller.  I would consider watching this.  Perhaps if someone lent it to me after it came out on video….Maybe.

Madagascar 3  (June 8/12)

If you have kids I’m sure you have seen these movies.  I saw the first one, it was okay, but I lost interest and the fact that it is number 3 doesn’t give me any faith.

Dark Horse (June 8/12)

Seriously? Whose idea was this?

Safety Not Guaranteed (June 8/12)

The preview for this movie is short and gives nothing away.  The description is short but reveals enough for me to know that its not worth it.

Lola Versus (June 8/12)

Believe it or not I actually got bored and distracted during the preview and that was only a couple minutes.  I don’t think I could handle the whole 1 hour and 29min.

Rock of Ages (June 15/12)

The rock version of a little bit older High School Musical.  I will stick to my Disney tweens thanks.

Donny’s Boy (June 15/12)

Adam Sandler….Have you spent all your money and are now scrambling with all these horrible movies?  I would have almost considered watching this movie, but during the preview I was annoyed with Sandlers old, Sandler in every movie voice.  Sigh…Let it go man…Let it go…

Your Sister’s Sister (June 15/12)

For some reason when I read this title I expect some ghetto booty mama’s.  No?  Just me?  Okay.  Emily Blunt is a sweetheart and I like her but this movie looks like it will be a snore.  The main guy reminds me of Jason Segel.  It’s like because Emily Blunt and Jason Segel were already in a movie together they had to find someone else.  Also because the film will do so poorly I’m sure it doesn’t that they didn’t have to pay this no name guy as much as they would have if it was Segel

Seeking a friend for the End of the world  (June 22/12) 

Steve Carell has been casted in these “funny” roles and nothing really else.  He tries to be serious and funny at the same time. It’s always the same.  Keira Knightly is also in this film which may make up for it, but I’m not really interested in seeing this one.

Nero Fiddled  (June 22/12)

This could be a fun movie for at home one night, but not going out to the theatre for.  I think it may have slow moments that make it a bit boring.

Ted (June 29/12)

Yup…. They did.    A boy wants his best friend teddy “Ted” to be real.  So he makes a wish.  Now the boy is all grown up and has an oversized teddy bear who can walk and talk.  For myself I think the novelty will run out quickly, but I imagine many of you will be all for this.

People Like Us (June 29/12)

To be not completely negative I will admit that this film has an interesting story.  But all in all it just isn’t doing it for me.  It makes me bored.

Spider-Man (July 3/12)

A remake of a recently remade film.  Sure it went completely down hill but is it necessary to start from scratch?  A whole new cast and new ideas?  Sure…I’ll bite.  I like Emma Stone.  Will I go to it in theatres? Probably not, but I will probably want to see this to compare it to the other films.  I don’t think it is worth all the hype, so I don’t suggest you rush to the theatre for it.

Neighborhood Watch  (July 27/12)

Sorry, I didn’t even watch the preview.  All I saw was the title and that it stars Ben Stiller, and Vince Vaughn.  I can draw my own conclusions.

Step Up Revolution  (July 27/12)

I guess the dancing with the stars and so you think you can dance shows are still on, this tells me the dancing fad is still going strong.  The only reason I could see for watching this movie is attractive people, most likely wearing very little clothing and are able to dance.  I guess thats pretty sexy…but still….no….

Killer Joe (July 27/12)

The preview boasts that this is one of Matthew McConaughey’s best roles ever…  Perhaps it might be, but it’s not really my type of movie.

The Campaign  (August 10/12)

Siiiiiigghhhhhh……. Here we go again.  We make up some random concept and take our “funny” guys and throw them in.  Starring Will Ferrell, and Zach Galifanakis…………………………………………………………..

The Odd Life of Timothy Green   (August 15/12)

Oh Disney… How I love thee.  This movie is about a couple who is trying to have a kid and cannot.  One night they write down everything they would want their kid to be on slips of paper, and TADA, they get this kid with all these things.  It is going to be a magical, happy, sad, and heart felt movie.  I’m sorry to say I’m not sure if I will see it.  Perhaps when it is out on DVD.

The Apparittion (Aug 24/12)

A ghost movie where people try to create a ghost and it backfires.  Then sold moldy shadows come to get them, blah blah blah.  Unlikely I will see this!

The Possession (Aug 31/12)

Horror movies based on true stories always make them scarier.  But with all the crazy things in this movie Im sure most of it is embellishments.  It is like a remake to the Exorcist.  Sigh.


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