Snow White and the Huntsman

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Why is Kristen Stewart in the shadows for the film poster?

Fairy tales are known to have happy endings, for it is said that the fortunate live “Happily ever after.”  Many original fairy tales have a dark and sometimes disturbing tale to tell.  Some of these are thought to be too dark for children and have been altered to be more magical and happy.  Disney is known for doing this, but I love Disney so I have no complaints there.

The original Snow White tale begins with a queen sewing by her window sill.  She pricks her finger and three drops of blood land in the snow on the ebony window sill.  She wished that she could have a daughter with skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair as black as the ebony window sill.  I had not read the original story before so I had never heard of this, but the film opens with this concept.  Instead of the queen sewing though, she found a blood red rose in the dead of winter.  She wished that she would have a daughter with skin white as snow, lips red as the blood red rose, hair as dark as ebony, and the same strength as that rose.

Snow White is played by Kristen Stewart, which makes many people cringe.  Naturally, everyone just associates her with Twilight…haters.  Stewart has a bit of an awkwardness to her and no matter what role she would play these things come out, but that is just how she is.  The same way that Will Farrell will always be annoying.  Or the way that Vince Vaughn will always talk a million words per minute in the same way in every role.  There is no need to pick on Stewart.  For Snow White and the Huntsman, Stewart even takes on an accent.  She does it fairly well, there are only the odd times when you hear her regular voice come out, but it is more in the grunts and yells.  So as much as everyone was expecting her to fail, I say she did a good job.

The Huntsman is played by Chris Hemsworth.  I don’t know why but for some reason in the first 5 min of the introduction to his character it did not look like him.  Almost as if there were a double or a different actor all together playing the role and they just assumed no one would notice.  Of course I’m sure I’m just crazy and this isn’t true at all.  Hemsworth (Chris) as the whole family are actors, does a very good job in the film.  He is a natural born actor and I think would be good in almost any movie, but for that statement to be true I will have to watch more movies with him in it.

Charlize Theron plays the evil Queen Raveena.  Theron is an amazing actresses so I had high hopes for her role.  Just from watching the previews I was very excited to see her.  Visually she is the most fascinating person in the entire film.  She is an evil queen with many powers.  She goes from being beautiful to old and withered throughout the film.  There are many amazing effects that surround her throughout the film which make it more enjoyable to watch.

As the film is not following the tradition Snow White story, there are many additions to the storyline.  I thought many of the ideas in the film were stunning and highly imaginative.  The Dark forest lives off the fears of traveler’s making the horrors almost limitless.  The film also incorporated dwarves, but not in the same way that Disney did.  If I counted correctly they had 8 dwarves in the film.  They add comic relief as well as the introduction to one of the more imaginative sceneries in the film.  The dwarves live in a beautiful forrest with faeries, animals, and strange creatures.  Snakes covered in moss, even tortoises covered in moss.  Birds with pouches like kangaroo’s.  Even mushrooms with eyes.  The creative minds in this film were able to run wild with the dwarf forrest and the dark forrest which I loved.

I must admit that I much prefer this story of Snow White over the Disney version.  I know that is blasphemy, but Snow White was never my favourite Disney movie.  Although I fell in love with the storyline, there were some things that were lacking.  There were introductions to characters and people that probably could have been left out.  I can see why they added them, but it could have been shortened significantly.  The introduction of the dwarves could have even been shortened in many ways, but as I said, this area of the film is the most beautiful and imaginative so I will accept it.  As mentioned before, fairy tales end with a Happily Ever After….  In the film, the ending was rather anti-climactic and in need of some cliche gushy romance.  In this sense the film did not deliver and leaves you on a flat note.  To be quite honest the end of the film drops flat,  but the credits introduces a high note.  The song Breath of Life by Florence and the Machines is the title track for the film, and it is an amazing song.  It is worth a listen!

I wouldn’t go so far as saying that I loved this movie, as there were things lacking in it, but it ranks high on the list for me.  I’m sure in time I will forget about it, but I think it is safe to say that I enjoyed this version of Snow Whites tale more than the Disney version.


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