Picture Courtesy of Summit Entertainment


Gone is a thriller film starring Amanda Seyfried as the main character, Jill.  Jill was victim to a kidnapping by a serial killer, but escaped.  She is haunted by the experience and it is reflected in every action and aspect of her life.  Everything from self defence classes, multiple dead bolts on the front door, memorizing small details around herself, and suspecting everyone.  Previous to her kidnapping, her parents die in a car accident, causing Jill to become depressed and suicidal to the point of being committed.

When Jill’s sister Molly disappears, she is convinced her kidnapper is behind it.  Due to Jill’s past the police are not willing to listen to her as they believe it was all in her head.  After she escaped from her kidnapper, she was not able to give enough details, and the location of where he took her could not be found.  Jill is left to search for clues and try to rescue her sister before it is too late, all while trying to prove that she is not crazy.

I like Seyfried, despite the fact that every time I look at her I think Mean Girls.  There are some scenes during the film where I wonder if she is right for the film, but over all I liked her. Emily Wickersham plays Molly, Jills sister.  Although her scenes aren’t very long, during the short time I realized I did not care for her acting.  Seyfried’s character does dominate much of the film, with everyone else having minimal input into the film.

I enjoy thriller films like these, because your mind is always jumping to conclusions.  You are trying to be the detective and solve the crime before the main character does.  You suspect everyone and even come up with wild scenarios, but it is all in good fun.

I really enjoyed this movie and I would recommend you check it out.  It’s an interesting thriller and worth checking out.



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