Magic Mike

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros.


I knew that I was going to see this movie as soon as I saw the preview (and don’t lie and say you weren’t the same.)  I don’t know why, at first I was kind of surprised that every show in town was sold out,  but is it really that surprising?  My theatre consisted of 98% women, the 2% consisted of myself and one other guy.  Silly boys…you miss an opportunity to go sit in a room full of horny women?  I should have expected a receiving line as we left.  None of this happened.

I have never been to the strippers before, I imagine female strippers and a room full of men would have been quite different.  I no longer have to wonder what it would be like at the male strippers, because it was quite similar.  A room full of women talking, cat calling, getting riled up and just having fun. Before the film starts there is usually things on the screen to keep you distracted.  With all the chatter amongst everyone, even though it wasn’t necessarily that loud, I literally could not hear what was happening on the screen.  Within the first few minutes of the film, Channing Tatum appears laying in bed.  The murmurs and quiet cat calls begin.  A couple seconds later when he crawls out of bed and is completely naked and you see his back side from top to bottom, the room exploded.  Normally I don’t care for a lot of chatter and comments during movies, but with this film it didn’t bother me.  It made the experience fun and I laughed alot.

The film stars Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey and Adam Rodriquez.  These listed are the ones I recognize.  There are many more, but I couldn’t tell you if they have been in much before.  All you need to know is Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer…oh yeah, did I mention they are strippers?

Channing Tatum plays Magic Mike.  Mike is a stripper, car detailer, construction worker, custom furniture maker entrepreneur.  Pettyfer plays a young kid, Adam, who can’t quite get his life together, and through applying for a construction job on craigslist, meets Mike.  As soon as he experiences the lifestyle of money, women, sex and drugs, he is hooked.  He joins the group of male strippers created by former stripper, Dallas (Matthew McConaughey.)  Although Mike loves the lifestyle, he wants something more.  For some reason he finds part of what he is looking for in Adams sister Brooke, played by Cody Horn.  Although Horn has been in some other films, none of which I have seen, I didn’t really care for her.  Her character is more reserved than the rest of the characters, but she always has this permafrown that annoyed me.

But getting down to the reality of this film, did we really go thinking we would get some great story?  No!  Did they give us a great story? No!  The story of the film was pretty dull.  It was also filmed in a weird way, where there was a lot of mindless chatter to fill in the gaps.  The fact that this film did not deliver in any field other than visual pleasure should rank this film pretty low.  However, due to the content of these visuals, it cancels a lot of that out and brings its ranking up significantly.

McConaughey is getting old and you can tell.  Although he is still in great shape he provides more comic relief than anything.  The main show stopper is Tatum and Pettyfer in second.  Tatum was an exotic dancer in his pre-acting days, which probably helped his role a bit.  The moves he is able to do are pretty impressive, and it doesn’t hurt that is attractive.

Do I really have to continue to try and sell you this movie? Ladies, this should be simple for you, and that includes those men inclined to such types of debauchery.  For all you straight males, I’m not sure if there is much for you in this film except a couple of boobs, lots of notes to take down, and even more moves to learn.


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