American Reunion

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

The last (and hopefully final) American Pie movie!  I will admit that I have seen the previous films, which is just a given if you are watching this film.  You cannot see this movie without having seen the others, it just wouldn’t be the same.

The film title basically says it all.  The American Pie gang is back for their High School Reunion.  With an older film, and having such a large cast it was interesting how they were able to get everyone back together.  Of course none of them are that huge of stars that it would have been difficult.  They managed to fit practically every one in, even with some people having scenes as short as a minute or two.  They also smooth over some issues with why a certain cast member was not in a previous film, but a simple sentence.  Or the lack of a character with a cover story.  Many of the characters look the same as they did before, just older.  The character of Kevin looks the most drastic due to his awful beard.  This was a huge distraction for me as I was bothered and annoyed the whole film.  Getting back to things…

The gang is back together and ready to party, but they are all older now.  Everybody has a different story and each their own personal problems.  So basically the film is about resolving those problems, and the difficulty they are all having with being older. Also, how uncool they think their lives are in comparison to their high school days.

This isn’t really one of those movies that you go to expecting to come out of it inspired.  The film is a series which pretty much forces you to go to it, so they got us there.  It is also most likely the last film they make, hopefully.  There were a lot of funny parts and just as many things you would only get and appreciate if you saw the previous films.

I’m not saying you should see this movie because it was any good.  If you have seen the previous ones and are a fan, you have to watch it.  Those are the rules.


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