Mirror Mirror

Picture Courtesy of Relativity Media


The Snow White film continues.  It’s interesting how two different companies had decided to remake a Snow White film and both come out around the same time.  Snow White and the Huntsmen (review available) is a darker twist to the Snow White tale.  Mirror Mirror is a more comedic concept.  Mirror Mirror stars Lily Collins as Snow White(who I like to think of as the future Clary in the Mortal Instruments films).  Collins plays along side Julia Roberts (the evil queen).  I consider Julia Roberts to be a great actress in her prime.  Not to say that she isn’t as good now, but she isn’t in as many films now.  Because of this I was looking forward to see her again in such a whimsical film.

The fim begins with an animated tale to set up the story.  The queen has died in child birth so it is up to the king to raise Snow White.  He trains her to one day rule the kingdom, but there are some things that a king cannot teach a princess.  The king decides to marry again.  One day, an evil invades the land and the king must leave.  Before he leaves he gives Snow White a golden dagger, the king never returns and Snow White is left with the evil queen.

When given the choice between the two movies, based on their previews, I knew that I wanted to see Snow White and the Huntsmen over Mirror Mirror.  The darkness of SW&TH was more theatrical and appealing.  Mirror Mirror has a whimsical over the top look to it which is also enjoyable.  This effect made the film more appealing to me.

The prince in Mirror Mirror was played by Armie Hammer.  The only other film I have seen him in was The Social Network, but even then I didn’t recognize him.  The Prince is a bit of a sissy and I didn’t particularly care for him.

Snow White would not be complete without some dwarves.  There are not seven, but still dwarves.  These are naturally in the film for comic relief.

The best thing about this film, as I said, was the whimsical factor, but even then it was more so just in the clothing.  I had heard that this was a very funny film, but I must have been watching the wrong one, as I found it to be rather dull and boring.  That is the nice way of saying that I did not like this movie at all.  There were some parts that were completely stupid and there was no reason for them.  The worst part of the film was the ending for me, where Snow White randomly breaks out into a song and dance that would be more suitable for the Slumdog Millionaire film.  Lily Collins plays a cute and rather clueless princess, but I’m really hoping that she is able to pull off the role of Clary, so hopefully these opportunities are making good practice for her.

I think it’s safe to say that I will not be watching this movie again.



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