Children of Men

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures


Children of Men is a futuristic film based on a novel by P.D. James.  The film follows a  dystopian concept, which has become very popular recently with such stories as The Hunger Games, and Divergent, among others.  Starring Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Michael Caine, sets the film up with some pretty solid actors/actresses.

The year is 2027, the entire planet is crumbling, and the british empire is barely holding on.  The world has become infertile, and the youngest living person at 18 years of age has been murdered.  The world is chaotic and has no hope in sight with the government keeping a stronghold over Britain.  Owen plays a heavy drinker, trying to deal with the present with his ever haunting past.  His estranged wife, played by Julianne Moore makes him an offer that he cannot refuse.  This sets forth the basis of the film and the road to the worlds only hope.

Children of Men came out in 2006.  I remember seeing a preview for it and decided to check it out.  I had watched it a handful of times, but was watching it the other day and decided to add a review.  Something that really struck me was the fact that I have never heard anyone else ever mention this film.  When a film is pretty decent, word seems to spread and gives it a bit of backing.  Of course there are those movies that aren’t so good but have the money behind them to put them in your face and in your brain.  This is one of those films that you don’t hear about often, WHICH YOU SHOULD.  This is truly an amazing movie.  The concept is very popular now, which I think many of you would enjoy.  The visuals and the portrayal of life is haunting and believable.  As I mentioned, I had seen the film a handful of times, but oddly enough it wasn’t until the last time I saw the film that I noticed certain things.  Although they were small they made things a little clearer and make more sense.

This is one of those movies that I strongly urge you to watch, if you haven’t already.  If you watch it and are disappointed with it, I would love to hear your opinions as to why so I could inform you of how you are WRONG.  If you don’t enjoy this film, the obvious reason is you aren’t into these types of films and more of a day pass stroller in the world of films, and tend to stick to the obvious G rated films.



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