Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The second film in the new Sherlock Holmes series.  The first one was good, so you expect the following to follow the same pattern…or at least you hope.

Holmes continues to solve crimes in his own unique, crazy, way.  Watson (Jude Law) is to be married and will no longer be joining Holmes in his investigations, but Holmes doesn’t allow this to happen just yet.  As each moment passes, the plot thickens, and who is behind it all is slowly revealed.  The interesting thing is they reveal who the villain is early on.  It is the villains intentions that need to be sought out, while trying to stay alive.

Holmes is played by Robert Downey Jr. who does a great job with such an odd character.  Very smart, very odd, and a fast talker.  The films always seem so fast paced because there is always something going on.  Much of the action and scenes in the films first quarter is comparable to others films in their entirety.  This isn’t to say that the first quarter is the only action, as you know, it continues throughout.

The actor and actress selection for the films is quite exceptional when you think about it.  Each player whether they are in the spotlight or not does their part well.  There are so many movies where you can pick out certain people for their horrible acting skills, or just their awkwardness in the film.  Each person had their place and nobody upset me.  Rachel McAdams makes a reappearance in the film as well, carrying on the same role as previous.

The way the movie was filmed made almost everything look visually appealing.  Even the grungy streets of England had a polished Hollywood feel that does not sour the authenticity.  Of course I have never been to London myself, and I don’t imagine it was so grand to be in the slummy streets, but I’m just making a point as to the quality of the scenery and filming.  A lot of money was put into the film I’m sure and you can see where it had been used due to the details.  There are many that rely on the actors and actresses, or computer generated visuals and forgetting about some of the smaller things.

If you have not seen the first film, then you clearly need to get on that, which I strangely do not have a review for?  I really enjoyed this film, the only real complaint is the length of the film’s.  However, Can that really be a complaint when there are so many films that cut out so much and leave you hanging?


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