Underworld: Awakening

Picture Courtesy of Screen Gems


The Underworld series continues.  Awakening is the fourth film in the series.  The films seems to be set up in a way that you kind of expect there to be another film to follow, but depending on popularity and profit, they could leave it hanging.

Kate Beckinsale continues her role as Selene, a death dealer Vampire.  For centuries Vampires have been battling the Lychans.  Their existence to humans has remained secret…until now.  Now that the humans have a common enemy, they have stopped killing each other and now are focused on exterminating these two species.

The films have an obvious appeal due to the whole Vampire and Lychan theme.  The storyline behind it makes it more appealing, along with the action.  With the previous films there was a side focus on cool weapons, which they don’t rely on as much anymore.  This film relies on the action scenes more than the story line.  They have found a way to continue the story in and interesting way, while adding new characters and keeping existing ones as well.  The film introduces a new character to the main character list.  Michael, the hybrid from the previous films makes a small reprisal as well.

The idea of humans ganging up on the Vampires and Lychans was an interesting way to take the films.  This story is somewhat appealing, but much of the films storyline is taken away to introduce new characters and focuses on the action scenes.  I enjoy the Underworld series.  It’s kind of surprising that this is the fourth film in the series.  The films are decent, but it is usually hard to compare it to the original film. Unfortunately, in this stage it might turn into one of those films that continues, possibly changes the name and makes it more about a different character and ruins the whole thing.  I’m actually surprised that the character of Michael has hung on so long because his roles are usually cut pretty slim and he is a nobody actor.

If you are a fan of the series, then naturally your going to check it out.  If you haven’t seen the films then your going to have to start from the beginning.  Because the storyline is pretty slim you will only not understand some of it, but really? Your going to start on the fourth film in a series?  I didn’t think so.  As I mentioned before, the films like to end in such a way that they could take it or leave it.  So as not to ruin anything I will simply say that they end this film in this style again.  Is there a fifth Underworld in our futures?  We will just have to wait and see.

One thought on “Underworld: Awakening

  1. I had mixed feelings about this film. Some of the stuff I’d seen in other movies. Overall, I thought it was okay, but not spectacular. I think the first movie was still, by far, the best. Followed by the 3rd. And 2 and 4 are about tied.

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