Wedding Daze

Picture Courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures


Wedding Daze is a romantic comedy starring Jason Biggs and Isla Fischer.  Whenever I see Jason Biggs I automatically think of the American Pie movies, nothing else.  Even when I saw that Jason Biggs was in a movie called Wedding Daze, I thought maybe it was a sad attempt of a spin off of American Wedding.

Wedding Daze is about Anderson played by Jason Biggs, who decides to propose to his girlfriend in an interesting way.  During the proposal, however, she dies.  Naturally there is no explanation as to why a young girl would just drop dead from the shock of a proposal.  We just carry on with our lives and move forward one year.  Anderson has a hard time dealing with her death.  He continuously talks about her and thinks about her.  He is basically a bum for the whole year, but still manages to afford his own place with no job.  His best friend is worried about him and tries to convince him to start dating again.  He pushes him to do this, which Anderson impulsively asks the waitress, played by Isla Fischer to marry him.  It’s a completely shock to him, and to her when she says yes.  The pair have never met before and their friends and family think they are completely crazy.  Is it possible to marry a complete stranger? Arranged marriages happen all the time. And so we go off on our wacky adventure.

The plot of the film is pretty basic as you see.  There really isn’t much to say about it.  It’s the events that unfold and the comedic value of the film that are more interesting.  I didn’t expect much from the film, but I had quite a few good laughs, which surprised me.  If your ever at home and just want an easy quick laugh, I would suggest checking this one out.  The best part is its on netflix so you don’t even have to work for it, its right there and its free! (aside from your monthly membership, but depending on how many movies/shows you watch it’s hardly a large fee)


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