Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Picture Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

I recently finished the book (see book review) and was really looking forward to watching the movie.  It’s hard to know how much of a book the movie will follow, but sometimes it is apparent within the first few minutes.

I have made many comments on the possible hazards of making a film based on a novel.  I would never say they should stop doing this though, as nothing thrills me more than to know that a movie is coming out to a book that I have read.

The film was made in 1992, and I could only assume the amazement on peoples faces as they watched the film with all of its scenery and special effects.  As it is 2012, and I am clearly a movie snob, nothing pained me more than to watch these “special effects” from 1992.  I cringed, I laughed, I stared blankly in confusion.  Some things were just completely unnecessary and so odd.  A lot of the costume and make up effects for Dracula were pretty decent in comparison to a lot of the other effects.

The film loosely follows the book, taking it as a guideline but improvising to make it more viewer friendly.  By doing this they made a love relationship between Wilhemina Harker, played by Winona Rider and Dracula (Gary Oldman.)  They even took this one step further by making the character of Wilhemina Harker a reincarnation of Dracula’s wife.  I may have also missed something here, but Dracula blamed god for the death of his wife and renounces.  He stabs the cross and blood pours out of the cross into his cup, and he drinks it, turning him into a Vampire.  Is this the work of the devil? Because it looked more like a creation of god, but this is besides the point.  Wilhemina’s husband, Jonathan was played by Keanu Reeves.  I’m not quite sure that you could consider that an accent Keanu…Perhaps things were different back in ’92.

Lucy Westenra, played by Sadie Frost, was probably one of the most annoying characters, aside from Winona Riders whistle.  They made the film very sexual with the relationship between Vampires and humans, and there were many a breast throughout the film.

Anthony Hopkins plays the infamous Vanhelsing.  Hopkins always does a good job at whatever role he is playing.  I’m wondering if he has done so many that they are starting to blend together, because this role seemed very familiar.  I was reminded of The Rite.

As much as I enjoyed the novel and was looking forward to the movie, I had a suspicion that I had seen it before.  Some things seemed familiar, where as others I drew a complete blank.  This is a very, very long movie.  Although it is only 2 hours long, in comparison to others this one dragged on a lot.  The special effects were so brutal for me that it made the movie even worse.  My attention strayed often to my phone and food.

I would say stick to the book with this one and skip the movie!


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