Movies NOT To See: August/September Edition

I apologize for my lateness in doing the August Edition, and as it is too late I am combing August and September.

The Apparittion (Aug 24/12)

A ghost movie where people try to create a ghost and it backfires. Then solid moldy shadows come to get them, blah blah blah. Unlikely I will see this!

The Day (August 29/12)

This kind of reminds me of the movie/book The Road. I would actually watch this movie, but it is on the NOT to see list, because there is nothing overly spectacular. It is not one that I would rush out to see, but it can wait.

The Possession (Aug 31/12)

Horror movies based on true stories always make them scarier. But with all the crazy things in this movie Im sure most of it is embellishments. It is like a remake to the Exorcist. Sigh.

For A Good Time, Call… (Aug 31/12)

I could see there being quite a few laughs in this one, but yet I didn’t really feel in during the preview, and that can be a bad sign. I would consider watching this, but I can wait.

The Tall Man (Aug 31/12)

Hm…. The Tall Man? Really. I would ALMOST consider watching this on netflix when it gets on there (which could be never.) The preview consists of every situation that Jessica Biel can do a gasp/yell. Watch it…you’ll see haha.

The Good Doctor (Aug 31/12)

Apparently the 31st is not a good day for the film industry. I haven’t seen Orlando Bloom in anything for a long time. It would be nice to see him again. The concept for the movie is really interesting. It’s about a doctor who likes one of his patients, so he drugs her in order for her to get back into the hospital so he can see her and take care of her.

Little Birds (Aug 31/12)

Young rebellious girls who go on an adventure to escape their ever so horrible lives. I bet some people will win a lot of awards for this one…I wont be seeing it though.

The Words (Sept 7/12)

Today must not be a good day for me, I am not impressed. So far nothing has been added to the movies TO see list. A struggling writer comes across an old manuscript and decides to take it as his own. Then must deal with the moral repercussions of his action. As an aspiring writer this interests me but a preview is a sales pitches. You have to peek my interest or give me goosebumps to want me to buy your product.

The Inbetweeners (Sept 7/12)

Description: Four socially troubled 18y.os from England go to Cyprus for holidays…………………………………..Garsh… Sounds like them boys are going to be getting into some wild and crazy mischief.

The Bachelorette (Sept 7/12)

The movie has so many possibilities, but the trailer just falls flat. This gives me no hope for the actual film.

Branded (Sept 7/12)

Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah…Stop! What? lol This movie reminds me of the Futurama movie where the alien from another planet puts his tentacle on the back of peoples heads and controls them. I am reminded of Futurama, because this is exactly what happens. There is a conspiracy, and this man can see what others cannot. Theres also some dragon looking monster and a whole bunch of blobs.

10 Years (Sept 14/12)

I was so close to putting this on the movies TO see page for one simple reason. Channing Tatum. Does that make me a horrible person? I decided not to because the movie just looks average and nothing overly spectacular. It is a 10year reunion. Everyone will get back together, brag about their lives and how they have all changed so much, then talk about how they are still missing something. You know what that is? The love of the girl from highschool. It’s love man.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Sept 14/12)

I’m not really into these “quirky” kind of movies, but I really want to give it a chance just because of Emma Watson. I don’t think this is one to rush out and see but perhaps when its out on video I would say give this one a shot. Sorry Emma.

House At the End of the Street (Sept 21/12)

Jennifer Lawrence…positive…A film where the preview shows you everything you need to know…Negative. Since I have seen the preview I know the story, minus the jumpy parts and now I can save my time from going and watching the movie.

Hotel Transylvania (Sept 28/12)

I have to admit that they almost got me with this movie. It looks cute and could be funny. But it is completely ruined to me because Adam Sandler… and his only voice he knows how to do…Sigh.

Sinister (Oct 5/12)

Another creepy movie about a family who moves into a new house and theres bad things about it. Scary and jumpy but I’ll pass.

Cogan’s Trade / Killing Them Softly (Oct 19/12)

The movie is listed as Cogan’s Trade, but the preview says Killing Them Softly. A mob movie starring Brad Pitt. I can’t say I’m really interested in this one. I could see there being some funny things, but over all just a meh movie.


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