Finding Nemo 3D

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Finding Nemo 3D!

I know it took me quite some time to get to seeing this movie in 3D before it left theatres.  And because of this I have missed out on the special edition Nemo 3D Specs.  For the opening weekend of the film, the theatres received a supply of orange Nemo Real 3D glasses for the film.  Today I made a comment on how cool it would have been if they did have these, and now I am sad to find out that I missed out on them.

A treat for the viewers with more recent Disney movies, especially releases, is the short toons at the beginning.  For Finding Nemo there is a Toy Story short titled “Partysaurus Rex.”  It is a cute short film about Rex, and how they call him a party pooper.  He becomes friends with the bathroom toys and becomes Partysaurus Rex.  It is very imaginative and enjoyable.  I hope that Disney and Pixar release another short film collection DVD soon.

Finding Nemo is one of the best new Disney movies.  The original graphics are really impressive and make such beautiful scenery throughout the movie.  The storyline is very well done including heartache and excitement, along with some great comedy.
Alot of this comedy is thanks to Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres.

Although my expectations for the 3D graphics were pretty high, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed.  The scenery remained very much the same, which is understandable, as it can be rather difficult to alter things into 3D successfully.  The 3D effects were focused more on the front scene, rather than the backdrops.  This includes having more coral and seaweed in your face.  In the water, both sea and fish tank, there are specs that float around in your face.  I have seen a handful of 3D films now, and the really well done ones seem to jump off the screen quite a bit.  The 3D aspect of this film did not really jump out.  The majority of additions were in the fish tank at the dentists.  There is more of a reflective aspect where you can see things from different angles, as well as what is on the glass.  There is more gunk on the glass, as well as smudges from where Nemo hits the walls when he is first dropped in.  As I said, much of my expectations were to enhance the beautiful background.  I guess I was envisioning something more along the lines of Avatar, which is setting the bar pretty high.

Aside from the picture and 3D aspect, there was one more downfall to this rerelease.  I wonder if many other people noticed this.  It could have been an error on the theatre level and not the film, but I can’t be sure which.  There were scenes when a character was speaking, but the scene cut away from the character to either view another character or something else, and the voice was quieted or cut out completely.  One specifically is when Dory and Marlin are trying to escape from Bruce the shark.  Dory is speaking and the “camera” goes off her, and the end of her sentence is cut off.  Perhaps it is because I am that much of a Disney nerd that I was able to notice these parts where the dialogue was distorted.  Because of this, it interrupted my viewing experience and became a negative in my books.

I absolutely love the movie and enjoy any chance at going to see a new or rereleased Disney movie when I can.  My expectations for the 3D imaging were too high and I wasn’t really blown away, and the audio downfalls effected my enjoyment.  It was still a fun experience, but not one for the books. : (


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