Movies NOT To See: November Edition


Fun Size (Oct 26/12)

I could see there being some funny parts in this movie, but it isn’t going to be a good movie.  And you won’t remember it or talk about it after.

Silent Hill: Revelation (Oct 26/12)

I don’t really remember the first Silent Hill, so clearly I’m not a huge fan.  It looks creepy and interesting, but I would have to have liked the first one to want to see this one.  Perhaps I will have to re watch it, but even then I doubt I will see this in theatres.

Flight (Nov 2/12)

Although I would consider watching this movie if it was on Netflix, I don’t consider this a movie to see in theatres.

Vamps (Nov 2/12)

Starring Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter, a playful girls comedy based on Vampires.  Pure comedy, but just not working for me.

The Details (Nov 2/12)

Basically a quirky movie about Tobey Maguire and his sexcapades during his marriage and how he ruins his life and can’t really understand why things are happening to him.  It’s a shame because there are a couple other good actresses in this movie.

The Comedy (Nov 9/12)

I’m wondering if maybe I am missing the point, and that the fact that it is called The Comedy is suppose to be irony?  Because it does not look funny.  I didn’t even finish the trailer.  It is a whole bunch of old fat guys with beards.  It’s like they think they won with Zac Galifianakis so surely a group of guys who look like him would do the same thing?

Nature Calls (Nov 9/12)

I didn’t get to the halfway point of this preview.  Watching Johnny Knoxville in this is like seeing the Rock in the toothfairy, which I haven’t even seen.

Citadel (Nov 9/12)

A thriller horror with the bad guys as kids.  Not just any kids, creepy deformed kids!

Hyde Park on Hudson (Dec 7/12)

Although its based on true events and President Roosevelt and the King and Queen of England, I’m feeling disappointed.  I don’t know my history that well, but I don’t think this is one of those movies that you will need to know much.  It just seems too dull.

The Guilt Trip (Dec 19/12)

Starring Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand, a son and mother go on a road trip.  The only reason to watch this would be for Barbra Streisand, as she is the obvious funny person over Seth Rogen, but this movie will give a few laughs but nothing more.  Sorry.

This is 40 (Dec 21/12)

A movie full of a bunch of current funny people being funny.  I just can’t do it.  I’m sure you will all enjoy this, but as much as I DO want to try for you guys, I KNOW this will fail me.

Jack Reacher (Dec 21/12)

Another one that ALMOST had me.  I am reminded of the Bourne movies, and I enjoyed those.  I would be willing to give this a chance because of that.  I don’t know if thats a good enough reason, or if that will actually happen though.

On The Road (Dec 21/12)

Based on a story I have never read.  Because I haven’t read it, I’m not really interested in seeing the movie.  And from watching the trailer, I can tell I’m not interested in reading the book either.

Parental Guidance (Dec 25/12)

The fact that this is on Christmas is not the only reason not to see it.  Bette Midler is in it, which I would say may be interesting.  Her and Billy Crystal are the grandparents and their interactions with their grand children are where the laughs come in.  I would like to see this movie just to prove myself wrong.  I can’t always be right, Can I? Yeah… your right.  I usually am.  This ones another dud.

Promised Land (Dec 28/12)

Matt Damon is a successful man who brings natural gas and refineries to wherever he can.  He tries to do this in a small town, but the good wholesome people realize money isn’t everything and fight for their peaceful, clean, happy lives back. Yawns.

Texas Chainsaw 3D (Jan 4/13)

Any excuse to remake a horror movie into 3D, huh?

Stand Up Guys (Jan 11/13)

This movie is relying too heavily on its good actors, and the story looks like it falls a bit flat, despite all the attempts.

Mama (Jan 18/13)

Almost had me for an interesting concept, but it is going to be one of those jumpy films that ends stupidly.  I would consider watching it for fun, but not in theatres.

The Last Stand (Jan 18/13)

One of those action movies where they just wanted to make with a token action star.  This just screams the rock, but instead we get someone so much cooler.  Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I never said anything about the movies being any good.


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