Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Film)

Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox


With not being able to go to movies as often as I would like, many times I have to wait until they are out on dvd.  I had read the book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (review available), and I was not overly thrilled.  How much I enjoy a book usually reflects the amount of effort I would put in to seeing it in theatres. 

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is a monster mash up story.  The idea that this American president known as Honest Abe, could have been a vampire hunter is harder to believe than the idea of vampires existing at all.  It is because of this that makes the story comical yet intriguing because your still able to say “What if…”.  As many of you who had read the book or saw the film, or even interested in either media, were drawn in for this reason.

As is the case for any book to film, there are always liberties taken to change the film to be more viewer friendly.  This way those who have not read the book would be able to fully understand without being left in the dark too much.  While watching the film for a short amount of time it is obvious just how much has been changed.  Lincoln has no brothers or sisters, they do not go into details of his family life or relationship with his father, or even that of his first marriage.  All things that were easily left out and did not effect the story.  This is actually just a small list of things that were changed.  There are many additions as well, including a main female character.  Despite the addition and removal of things, the story is still not effected.    

Benjamin Walker plays Abraham Lincoln and does a good job of it.  There are many films that have annoying main characters that can ultimately ruin the entire film.  While on the topic of annoying main characters, Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Mary Todd Lincoln.  There was something about her that bothered me throughout the whole movie.  She was very dry, and I wonder if they could have removed her from the film as well? Haha

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is an interesting concept for a novel, and a great concept for a film.  Having Tim Burton on the film definitely increased the viewing pleasure, as he is a master at what he does.  The issue with reading a book before seeing a movie, is your expectations are usually let down.  A book is able to give you vast amounts of information over a longer period of time, as well as personal thoughts of characters that you often miss out on during a film.  With all that being said, there are usually few movies that live up to our expectations.  There are even fewer that trump the book.  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is one of those movies, that trumps the book.

The film has slow moments, but it is more worth your time to get the viewing pleasure from the film, than spend the time reading the novel.  The film allows you to skip all the boring history, because when reading about Abraham Lincoln as a Vampire Hunter, are we really concerned about facts?  The only reason to read the book is to look at the pictures and play “Where’s the vampire?”




One thought on “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Film)

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review. Definitely stupid and a bit too serious, but still a lot of fun and that’s all that mattered to me when I was watching Honest Abe, hack up vampires like nobody’s business.

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