Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures


I know that I am quite behind on this one, as the Brave IS a Disney movie.  Normally I see most Disney movies in theatres, or at least try to.  For some reason this one didn’t really jump out at me enough to make me want to do that. 

The Brave is a Scottish inspired film about a young princess named Merida who must choose a suitor from 3 clans.  She is an adventurous girl with wild red hair and a love of archery.  Her mother the queen wants her to be more genteel and act more like a princess.  While racing through the forest, Merida stumbles upon a witch.  Merida pays the witch for a spell to change her mother, instead she has placed a curse on her mother.  She must find a way to reverse it before it is too late.

I love Disney and Pixar films, however, I am old school Disney.  A lot of the newer films with a leading female role just seem like a forced excuse to try and make more Disney Princesses.  They need to try and cover all angles to make them more diverse, and to save themselves from the wrath of the unroyaled races.  It’s sad but it is true.  My argument falls a little flat as Merida is not a minority.  I doubt that the Scottish were up in arms to get their own princess.  Plus we already have Ariel from the Little Mermaid who has red hair.  My next speculation would be they needed a less pretty, more relatable red head.  Harsh, but never the less true.  Despite the fact that Merida is a princess in the film, I don’t think I would ever view her as a real Disney Princess.

My favourite thing in the movie was the Willow the Wisps.  Willow the Wisps are said to be lights made from ghosts.  These little blue lights make cute little noises and cast a flickering shape.  The queen tells Merida that if you follow the wisps they will lead you down a path that will change your fate.  Probably the next best thing are Merida’s three younger brothers.  All look identical and are little hellions.  They are always getting into trouble and are our main source of comedy.

When watching the film, I felt like I was watching a promo for a video game.  It is as if they added aspects to the game in order to make a video game for it.  The archery aspect is a given.  It just screams Wii.  The Willow the Wisps also appear so near each other that they resemble a course in a game where you need to collect the coins.  Now I haven’t looked to see what the Brave game looks like, I am only assuming there is one, but I bet you have to collect wisps as if you would coins.  I would also bet there are some fun archery games.  And as it is a Disney film based game, the rest would have to resort to puzzles.  The games are not difficult and usually follow a strict story line with no deviation, and lets face it, Disney is meant for kids.  I am just a bitter old man who wished he could stay in Neverland.

Aside from all my negative points and nitpicking, the film was redeemable.  It’s not one that would rank high on my lists, but they did do a good job on the film and the storyline.  They like to tug at your heart strings.  This one almost got me though, I thought they were going to trick me… If you are a Disney fan, or if you have older children this one is for them.  Young children can watch this movie and laugh at the three young brothers, but they would basically miss anything of real value. 


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