Dawn of the Dreadfuls



Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steven Hockensmith
Dawn of the Dreadfuls is a prequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  As you can see though, it is written by a different author.  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was written by Seth Grahame-Smith.

There are many elements in P&P&Z that didn’t make sense to me, and this book explains some of those origins.  Although even after an explanation it still doesn’t make sense to me, or make it any more enjoyable.

As this is before Pride and Prejudice it almost seems like we have cheated.  We know how the story continues so there can’t be many significant changes to the characters or the storyline.  Because of this the book relies heavily on adding new characters that are not in the original story, giving the author complete artistic merit.  And as to be expected there are many new characters that are killed off.  We know what won’t happen, so the adventure is really seeing what is going to happen and how the author decides to play it out.

The topic of zombies combined with a piece of classic literature creates comedy through contrast.  Prim and proper young girls learning to be ladies, while also learning the deadly arts and slaughtering zombies.  Hockensmith has an enjoyable sense of humour, which is a necessity when making a monster mash up.  There are many interesting characters and situations that make you want to laugh out loud while you are reading.

The monster mash up books are all for fun.  You cannot pick up such a story and expect a profound piece of work.  My issue with this novel is the same I had with P&P&Z.  I cannot come to terms with the asian influence over the old english.  It is completely out of place and can be annoying at times.  The comedy is the only thing that redeems the story.  It was an interesting take on a classic family with a macabre twist.  If you have read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, it would make sense to entertain the thought of reading Dawn of the Dreadfuls.  If you haven’t done so, I don’t really recommend that you start.  To receive the most enjoyment from this monster mash up, I suggest you wait for the film!




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