Men In Black III

Picture Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

There are many older film series coming out with newer instalments lately it seems.  The original Men in Black came out in 1997, followed by Men in Black 2 in 2002, and lastly Men in Black 3 in 2012.  I have to admit that I love the original Men in Black film and have watched it many times over.

MIB3 features both Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith reprising their roles.  The worst thing you can do is replace an actor or actress in a film, especially a main character.  In a way this is almost what they have done.  Tommy Lee Jones appears very little in the film as the majority of the film focuses on his past self.  The past Agent K is played by Josh Brolin who was an excellent choice in my opinion.  The film follows the comic book in which Boris the Animal escapes from the Lunar Max Prison.  Boris seeks revenge on Agent K who shot off his arm and had him locked up for 40 years.

The film follows the same look as the previous films, which is great, as I also hate when they change things too much in a series.  I was not overly pleased with the second MIB film.  I have seen the film roughly two times, but I can hardly remember much of it, clearly showing how good it was.  I have never read the comics, so I don’t know how closely they follow them.  There were 3 issues for Men in Black, and 3 issues for Men in Black II.  I’m not quite sure if there were any comics for the third film to follow or if they chose the storyline on their own.  It focuses on one small story while the other films seemed to be constantly going and changing scenery, suspects, and characters.  MIB3 manages to offset this more quiet linear view with a bit of a bombshell towards the end of the film.

Due to the success of MIB3 it has been released that they already plan to make a MIB4.  Although I would be interested in seeing where they go, I fear that MIB4 will be the film to change all the characters.  When film series last so long the audience changes usually making the newer films cater to the young children who have ridiculous humour and making the actors and actresses do stupid things for laughs.

If you’re a fan of the MIB films you definitely have to check this one out.  If your not, or haven’t seen them I highly recommend that you watch the first film, grudgingly watch the second, and happily finish with the 3rd. 



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